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The Appendicular Skeleton


a large triangular bone on the side of the thorax; shoulder joint


A slender bone that connects the sternum to the scapula; collarbone


The long bone of the proximal front limb; brachium


The radius and ulna are the two bones of the forearm or distal front limb


The cranial bone of the front limb


The caudal bone of the front limb


Form the point of the elbow; the proximal projection of the ulna

Carpal bones

Irregularly shaped bones in the area known as the "wrist" in people; in small animals (carpus), in large animals (knee)


Bones found distal to the carpus

Splint bones

The vestigial metacarpal and metatarsal bones od a horse's leg

Cannon bones

The large metacarpal and metatarsal bones of the horse


The bones of the digits; one bone of the digit is called phalanx


A toe that does not reach the ground (ex., first digit in dogs and cats and the rudimentary medial and lateral toes of cattle)


Animals with hooves

Fetlock joint

Joint between metacarpal (metatarsal) III and the digit

Appendicular skeleton

The bones of the limbs (appendages)

Pastern joint

The joint between the P1 and P2

Coffin joint

The joint between P2 and P3

Long patern bone

P1 in livestock

Short pastern bone

P2 in livestock

Coffin bone

P3 in livestck


P3 in nonhooved animals


In cats, a surgical procedure to remove the claws; medical term is onychectomy

Sesamoid bones

Small nodular bones embedded in a tendon or joint capsule

Navicular bone

The distal sesamoid bone of a horse


The most proximal bony structure of the pelvis limb; also called the os coxae or hip

The pelvis consist of three pairs of bones. What are they?

Ilium, Ischium, and pubis


The most cranial of the three pairs of bones that make up the pelvis


The caudal of the three pairs of bones that make up the pelvis


The smallest and most medial of the three pairs of bones that make up the pelvis


the socket portion of the ball and socket hip joint


The proximal long bone of the rear leg; thigh bone


A large, rounded articular (joint) surface (ex., the distal ends of the humerus and femur


A large sesamoid bone in the rear limb.

Stifle Joint

Joint that houses the patella


The main weight-bearing bone of the lower leg


A thin bone located besides the tibia in the lower leg region of the pelvic limb


THe area of the rear limb between the stifle and hock

Tarsal bones

Irregular shaped bones found in the area known as the "ankle" in people; in small animals (tarsus) and in large animals (hock)


The long, lateral tarsal bone located in the proximal row of tarsal bones


Bones found distal to the tarsus

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