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24 terms

Adobe Photoshop Vocab

Application bar
A bar at the top of the workspace that contains Photoshop's menus and several other commonly-used tools to help you manage your workspace.
Background color
Color that is revealed by the Eraser Tool when it is used on a layer that has transparency locked.
Foreground Color
The color applied by painting tools in Photoshop.
A picture or symbol that represents the selected tool.
Lists of commands that are related to each other.
Options bar
Located just below the Application bar. When you click on any tool in the Tools panel, the tool's options (or settings) appear here.
Small windows that contain a variety of related settings. Main ones used include: Layers, Channels, and History.
To cut off.
Quality level of an image
An image or area of an image that is selected and ready to work on. Also refers to a tool or option that is currently selected.
Selection border is removed.
Fastening Points
Points created by the Magnetic Lasso Tool that hold the selection border to the edges in the image.
A fading-out effect created at the edges of a selection.
Bounding Box
A box that appears around all of the pixels in the active layer when the Show Transform Controls option is on.
Contextual Menu
A menu accessed by right-clicking on an item. Contains commands directly related to the item being clicked on.
Merge all layers in an image using a single command.
Parts of Photoshop file that keeps different parts of the design separate from each other.
To protect a layer from being changed.
To make larger or smaller.
To slant at an angle.
Small pictures of what is contained on the layers.
A named set of text and numeric characters that share the same look and feel.
Layer Styles
Special effects such as drop shadows, beveled edges, and colorful outlines that can quickly be applied to an entire layer.
A variety of effects, such as drop shadows and beveled edges, applied to text or shapes.