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Pathology of the Upper airways

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Cleft palate
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•Clinical: Milk may drip from the nares of nursing neonate
•Pathology: Secondary aspiration pneumonia
•Pathogenesis: Failure of fusion of embryological midline structures
•Toxic causes:
•Veratrum californicum
•Lupine: piperidine alkaloids, including the teratogen ammodendrine
•Cleft palate, torticollis, scoliosis, arthrogryposis
•Infectious etiologies:•BVDV
•Congenital defect in microtubules affecting ciliary function
•Non-motile cilia
•Affects ciliated cells of all levels of the respiratory tract and other ciliated cells of the body
•Infertility due to defect in sperm
•Ciliated cells lining oviducts
•Situs inversus: malfunction of cilia in embryonal cells responsible for rotation of the heart and GI tract during embryogenesis (this feature is not always present)