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Period: Nok
Years: 500-200

Warrior Chief flanked by Warriors and Attendants

Period: Middle
Years: 1550-1650
Culture: Benin

Head of a King

Period: Ancient African
Years: 13th Century CE
Culture: Yoruba

Memorial Head of an Oba

Period: Early
Years: 16th Century
Culture: Benin

Mask Representing an Iyoba

Period: Bening Middle Period
Years: 1550 CE
Culture: Benin

Great Friday Mosque

Period: Jenne
Years: 13th Century
Culture: Islamic
Location: Jenne

Ise Shrine

Period: Yayoi Period
Years: Early 1st Century

Womb World Mandala

Location: Kyooguku-ji Temple
Period: Heian
Years: Late 9th Century
Culture: Buddhist

Phoenix Hall; Byodoin

Location: Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Period: Heian
Culture: Japanese
Years: 1053

Scene from the Tale of Genji

Period: Heian
Culture: Japanese
Years: 12th Century

Descent of Amida and the 25 Bodhisattvas

Location: Chion-in Tempe
Location: Kyoto Japan
Period: Kamakura
Culture: Japanese
Years: 13th Century

Catacomb or Commodilla/ Cubiculum or Leonis

Years: 365- 400
Location: Rome, Italy
Period: Roman
Culture: Early Christian

Torah Niche from a house - synagogue

Years: 244-45
Period: Roman
Culture: Jewish

The Good Shepard

Years: 270 - 280
Period: Early Christian

Harvesting of Grapes / Church of Santa Constanza

Location: Rome, Italy
Years: 338 - 50
Period: Early Christian

Oratory of Galla Placidia/ Christ as the Good Shepherd

Years: 425
Period: Byzantine

Anthemius Tralles and Isodorus of Miletus, Church of Hagina Sophia

Year: 523 - 537
Period: Justinian
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Culture: Byzantine

Sancutary of the Church of San Vitale

Year: 6th Century
Period: Justinian
Culture: Byzantine
Location: Ravenna, Italy

Empres Theodora and Her Attendants/ Emperor Justinian and his Attendants

Year: 547
Period: Byzantine
Location: Ravenna, Italy


Location: Saudi Arabia, Makkah
Culture: Islamic

Dome of the Rock

Location: Jerusalem, Israel, Haram Al-Sharif
Period: Umayyad
Culture: Islamic
Years: 691-692

Great Mosque of Cordoba

Years: Began 786; Completed 987 - 89
Culture: Islamic
Location: Cordoba, Spain
Period: Umayyad

Page from the Qur-an

Period: Abbasid
Culture: Islamic
Years: 9th Century

Mihrab, Madrasa Imami

Location: Isfahan, Iran
Years: 1354

The Macy Jug

Years: 1215 - 1216
Period: Abbasid
Culture: Islamic

Ceremonial Center of the City of Teotihuacan

Years: 350 - 650
Culture: Teotihuacan

Temple of the Feathered Servant / The Ciudadela

Year: After 350 CE
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
Period: Teotihuacan

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