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Chapter 8 Statistics "Statistical Inference"

Statistical Inference
The methods for drawing conclusions about the value of a population parameter from sample data.
Confidence Intervals
Estimates of the plausible values of a population parameter from sample data.
Tests of Significance (or hypothesis tests)
Use sample data to make decisions between two competing claims about the population parameter. The sample data provides the "evidence" for making the decision.
What Confidence Intervals and Tests of Significance address?
Both types of inference address the issue of what would happen if the method was repeated many times even though it will only be performed once.
What are two statistical inferences?
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests
What must we remember about confidence intervals and tests of significance ?
We must remember that we are not certain of these conclusions as a different sample might lead us to a different conclusion.
What is the probability basis for tests of significance based on?
The probability basis of tests of significance, like all statistical inference, depends on data coming from either a random sample or a randomized experiment.