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Giver of Life

The Nile River gave crops and fertile land after its flood.

Taker of Life

If the Nile flooded to much, it would kill people and destroy crops. If it flooded to little, the crops could not grow.

Why was the afterlife important to the Eygptians?

It was important because the Eygptians had to prepare the dead for their life after death. It was demonstarted by teir mummies.

What legacies did the Eygptians leave us?

They left us architecture, cultivation, chariots, embalment, mummies, and domestication.

Why was the Eygptian Social Pyramid important?

It contained classes in which decribed where you belonged. The top belonged to the Pharoah. Then came the nobles, priests, and government officials. The soldiers. Then scribes. After that came merchants. Next came artisans. The farmers. Finally came slaves. If you were born into one class, you did not have to stay there. If you worked hard, you could move up.

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