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Classical Conditioning 2


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Something that produces a reaction
the initial learning of a new behavior
**establishing the stimulus-response (S-R) relationship
- the dog connects hearing the sound with receiving food.
Classical conditioning
a type of learning where we learn to associate two stimuli and anticipate events
-After Repetition:
Stimulus: Hear the sound
Response: drooling expecting food
Unconditioned stimulus
A stimulus that causes a response that is automatic, not learned
-Dog sees food and drools
Unconditioned response
The normal reaction to something
- Dog hears the sound and does not expect food
-Someone who is conditioned has learned a behavior
Conditioned stimulus
Pairing a neutral stimulus (sound) with a unconditioned stimuls (food) that causes a response (drooling.)
Conditioned response
A learned response to a stimulus that was previously neutral
-Dog hears the sound and expects food (drools)
Extinction (classical conditioning)
Occurs when the conditioned stimulus is disconnected from the unconditioned stimulus --Redo the training:
ring the bell and do't give the dog food, until the dog doesn't drool anymore when it hears the bell.
Stimulus Generalization
Occurs when someone responds in the same way to similar stimuli.
-The dog will hear different bell sounds and drools.
Stimululus Discrimination
The act of responding differently to stimuli that are not similar.
-The dog will drool only when it hears one type of bell.
Type of reinforcement in which a behavior is reinforced every time the behavior occurs
-always offering food after the sound will reinforce the behaviour (drooling)
spontaneous recovery (classical conditioning)
A weak conditoned response (CR) reemerges after some time after extinction.
-The dog was retrained and has stopped drooling when it hears the bell (this is extinction). Later, if it hears the bell it may drool a little (spontaneous recovery.)
the relearning of a conditioned response following extinction
-The dog learns again how to drool (CS) after he has forgotten (extinction)