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Secchi disc
Disc that is divided into quadrants of alternating black and white. It is lowered into the water column until it just disappears to measure water clarity or turbidity.
Device that measures longitude
Device that measures the salinity or conductance of seawater.
otter trawl
A large fishing net that has lead weights on the bottom and large wooden doors to hold it open. It is dragged across the seafloor to catch groundfish (demersal fish).
remotely operated vehicle; this is tethered to a ship at the surface
autonomous underwater vehicle; this is not tethered to a ship and is programmed to travel independently
Geographic positioning system, receives four kinds of information to plot a location (latitude, longitude, receiver drift time, and height/altitude)
Device that measures conductance (salinity), temperature, and depth
Scallop dredge
This tool is towed along the seafloor while tethered to a moving vessel in order to collect edible, sedentary benthic (bottom-dwelling) creatures.
Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
Floating Instrument Platform; a ship that converts to a platform at sea by filling its extended hull with water
The world's only underwater laboratory in which aquanauts live for extended periods to do research (in Florida).
Gill net
large fishing net that is set out to drift in the ocean with buoys at the surface; catches fish by their gills as they try to swim through
Purse seine
large fishing net that is deployed in a circular pattern by a ship and then closed up like a purse around a school of fish (usually tuna)
A long fishing line with thousands of hooks that is set out to drift at sea with buoys at the surface.
Okeanos Explorer
NOAA ship that is dedicated to exploring the ocean
expendable bathythermograph, an instrument used to measure temperature
underwater microphone with a recording device; used to monitor vessel traffic, whale songs, fish sounds
Deepsea Challenger
one-man submarine that James Cameron piloted to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (Challenger Deep) in 2012
a WHOI ROV that samples sediments, water, and organisms in the deep sea
deep sea manned-submersible that was used to discover the wreck of the Titanic