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Restoration and the 18th Century Honors English Test

the starting date of the restoration
Charles II
this king was restored to the thrown and so he reopened theatres that started the restoration
philosopher known as the father of empiricism for his scientific method take on basing your beliefs on reason and observation
tabula rasa
locke's description of the blank slate that the mind was blank and had to learn through reason
the physicist whose work corresponded with deism by introducing the laws of science and the universe
where god acted as a watchmaker who set the world into motion and let it run on its own, popular with the intellectuals of the restoration
the epic poet of the roman forerunners
the gentle satirist of the roman times
the harsh satirist of romans times
the famous English satiric painter
the famous comedic playwright who wrote marriage a la mode
marriage a la mode
dryden wrote this famous restoration comedic play
restoration comedy
the bawdy and sexual literature popular in the 18th century by Dryden and Congreve
this famous comedic playwright wrote the mourning bride
the mourning bride
Congreve wrote this restoration comedy
nell gwyn
the first famous female actress
Augustan age
a time in literature when their was a restoration of order focused on human nature and imitation of the classics
Addison and steele
these two famous augustan age journalists wrote the tadler and the spectator
the tadler, the spectator
Addison and steele wrote these two journals
a place where wits gathered and journalism thrived
this English child living from 1667-1745 was born in Ireland where he worked for William temple in England and led the Irish resistance to English oppression under the title of the Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin
the first voyage in gullivers travels where the people were small, morally and physically and reflects a satire of the government
the second voyage in gullivers travels where the people were physically and morally great
the third voyage in gullivers travels where the people were impractical and theoretical intellectuals who lacked commonsense
the fourth voyage in gullivers travels where the people were ruled by horses in a stable society where the people where yahoos who lacked pity and individuality
Modest proposal
this juvenalian essay was written by smith that talked satirically about the benefits of cannibalism
ester Johnson, she experienced much conjecture which formed her character as she acted as a intellectual accomplice to swift
a short Roman catholic man who was stunted from potts disease and gained wealth from his indulgent father
Phrases or sentences of a similar construction/meaning placed side by side, balancing each other
A balancing of two opposite or contrasting words, phrases, or clauses.
closed heroic couplets
two lines of rhyming iambic pentameter with a closing at the end of the second line
Rape of the Lock
Pope wrote this mock epic
a poem that attacked Pope's contemporaries
this man lived from 1709-1784 where he lived an imprudent marriage and arrived to London with David Garrick, a future famous actor but had the first biography and dictionary
Life of Johnson, London Journals, Lives of the Poets
3 of the famous biographies that Johnson wrote
this must follow universal truth, must please but instruct, and provide no offence to immortality or religion
Vanity of Human Wishes
this famous Juvenalean poem is a quintessencial neoclassic that focuses on didacticism was written by Johnson
the famous biographer of Johnson
Letter to Lord Chesterfield
this idiosyncratic piece ended the patronage system by Johnson
this herculean endeavor was idiosyncratic and written by Johnson
The Rambler The Idler
the two periodicals written by Johnson
the irony where the words conveyed have the opposite meaning
this irony is when the audience knows more than the characters
the irony where the opposite of what you expect happens