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Human Sexuality Jeopardy Questions

Exam One
Term for testes and ovaries before the time of sexual differentiation
Testes travel down this passage way around seven months after birth
Inguinal canal
Testes pass before birth and part of the intestine does not close off completely
Inguinal hernia
One or both testes have failed to descend by time of birth
Difference between embryo and chromosome at 28 days of age
Undifferentiated state
Term for chemical substance manufactured by endocrine glands
Stimulation of bone and muscles is controlled by what hormone?
Hormone that controls sperm production
Secreted by pituitary gland and regulates ovulation
Produced by sertoli cells and regulates FSH
Gender of fetus is clear from appearance of genitals by this stage in gestation
12 to 16 weeks
These ducts develop into fallopian tubes and the uterus
Mullerian ducts
These ducts develop into the epididymis
Wolffian ducts
This substance causes mullerian ducts to degenerate
Mullerian inhibiting substance
Portion of the brain that differentiates prenatally
This organ is both analogous and homologous to the testes
Gene on the Y chromosome directs gonads to differentiate into testes
Sex determining region
Number of weeks after conception that the gonads develop into testes in males and into ovaries in females
6-12 weeks
Glans clitoris is homologous to this part of the penis
Skenes glands are homologous to this gland in the male
Scrotum is homologous to this part of the vulva
Outer lips
Fallopian tubes have no homologous structure in the male because of the degeneration of these ducts
Seminal vesicles have no homologous structure in the female because of these ducts
Wolffian ducts
Ridge that runs around the glans of the penis
Glands are responsible for producing 60% of seminal fluis
Seminal vesicle
Fatty pad of tissue covered with pubic hair in front of the pubic bone
Mons pubis
Fingerlike projections responsible for conducting egg into fallopian tube
Mildest form of genital cutting
Ritual genital cutting involves making an incision on bottom length of the penis to bottom of urethra
Aspect of personality is responsible for maintaining values and ideals from society
Freud described these regions sensitive to pleasure sensation
Erogenous zones
Female version of the Oedipus complex
Electra complex
Kind of conditioning depending on punishment and rewards
Operant conditioning
Perspective that focuses on psychological mechanisms that have been shaped by natural selection
Evolutionary psychology
This theory recognizes the process of imitation and identification
Social learning
Ovulation occurs on this day in a perfect 28 day cycle
Day 14
Third phase of menstrual cycle
Luteal phase
After releasing an egg, follicle turns into glandular mass of cells called this
Corpus luteum
This occurs when the endometrium grows in a place other than the uterus
Absence of menstruation
Aging of ovaries leads to a decline in two things
Estrogen and progesterone
Sex chromosomes direct the gonads to begin sexual differentiation during this time
Week 6
Sex chromosome controlled only by male
Y chromosome
Fertilized egg carrying these chromosomes will more than likely develop into a female
X chromosome
Genetic male has an extra X chromosome, testes are abnormal and no sperm is produced
Klinefelter's sydrome
Sex chromosome that is smaller of the two and carries less information
Y chromosome
Guevodoces have these sex chromosomes
X and Y chromosomes