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Endo 15: Growth Curves


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What are the 5 conditions with separate special growth curves?
What is the normal range of percentiles for growth?
5-95th percentiles
What are the average growth parameters for weight, length, and head circumference at birth?
weight = 3.5 kg (7 lb 6 oz)
length = 20 inches
head circumference = 34 cm
We expect term newborns to lose up to ___% of their birth weight in the first few days of life.
Infant should have gained all birth weight back by _______ days.
14 days
Normal weight gain is ____ per day for the first 3 months.
1 oz
An average 1 year old is ____ pounds, while an average 4 year old is ____ pounds.
Average 4 year old is ____ tall and weighs ____.
40 inches
40 lbs
Girls and boys in Tanner I phase grow ____ per year.
5-6 cm
When do most girls start their big growth spurt?
9.5 years
When is peak height velocity for girls?
11.5 years when they grow 9cm a year
After menses, girls' growth slows down to about ___ per year.
7 cm
Most boys start their take off growth around ____.
11 years
When is peak height velocity for boys?
13.5 years when they grow 10.3 cm
How do you predict adult height?
add up parents inches over 5 feet
boy: add 5 and divide by 2
girl: subtract 5 and divide by 2
then add that number to 5 feet
In the first year of life, the head grows ____ per month.
1 cm
What is abnormal growth?
<5th percentile or >95th percentile
____ is used to predict height potential and measured by x-ray of the left wrist.
bone age
The average upper:lower body segment ratio at birth is ____ and decreases to ____ by age 10.
What is the average wing span?
the person's height
____ is weight less than the 3rd percentile on 3 separate plots or weight crossing 2 percentiles.
failure to thrive
What are 4 possible causes of failure to thrive?
inadequate intake
inadequate absorption
genetic disorder
psychosocial factors
____ is caused by short parents and short adult height, but normal bone age and normal puberty onset.
familial short stature
____ is caused by tall parents and tall adult height, but normal bone age and puberty onset.
familial tall stature
____ is characterized by parents with normal adult height and a delay in puberty, but will reach a normal adult height.
constitutional growth delay
____ is characterized by a short stature, webbed neck, coarctation of the aorta, and lack of secondary sex characteristics.
Turner syndrome (XO karyotype)
____ is characterized by deceleration in growth, a normal weight gain but a very delayed bone age.
GH deficiency
What are 4 characteristics of Beckwith Weidmann Syndrome?
macrosomia (above average length and height)
abdominal wall defects
____ causes weight and height to not be equally preserved.
chronic medical conditions
What might this growth curve indicate?
failure to thrive (height maintained but weight not)
What might this growth curve indicate?
What might this growth curve indicate?
familial short stature (height <5% but weight maintained)
What might this growth curve indicate?
constitutional growth delay (do not reach the curve until late onset puberty)
What might this growth curve indicate?
Turners syndrome or growth hormone deficiency (weight preserved but height not)
What might this growth curve indicate?
Growth Hormone deficiency
What might this growth curve indicate?
chronic medical conditions
(neither height or weight preserved)
At what age does head/brain stop growing?