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  1. aerial photograph
  2. erosion
  3. tributary
  4. canyon
  5. weathering
  1. a makes sediments
  2. b
    river or stream that flows into another stream or river and does not reach the ocean
  3. c
    deep narrow valleys with steep sides
  4. d
    a photograph taken from the air from a plane or satellite used to track changes in landforms.
  5. e the carrying away of loose materials by natural processes

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  1. flat land near a river formed by deposition during a flood
  2. grinding away rock by rock or other sand particles

  3. a man- made lake that forms upstream from a dam

  4. a 3 dimentional representation of something; a globe is a ___________ of the Earth

  5. long depression in Earth's surface that usually contains a river.

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  1. sediments
    looping changes of direction in a river or stream.


  2. depositionthe carrying away of loose materials by natural processes


  3. dam
    A barrier built across a river to create reservoirs and generate electricity


  4. weatheringthe most powerful agent of weathering and erosion


  5. physical weathering
    Changes the shape and size of rocks