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  1. model
  2. canyon
  3. delta
  4. reservoir
  5. erosion
  1. a moves sediments
  2. b
    deep narrow valleys with steep sides
  3. c
    a man- made lake that forms upstream from a dam
  4. d
    low, flat piece of land at or near the mouth of a river
  5. e
    a 3 dimentional representation of something; a globe is a ___________ of the Earth

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  1. process of adding sand or soil to a new location

  2. a map that shows topography by connecting points of equal elevation with lines

  3. a photograph taken from the air from a plane or satellite used to track changes in landforms.

  4. a physical map that uses pictures to show the topography of the land

  5. small pieces of rock, sand , or soil

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  1. physical weathering
    Changes the shape and size of rocks


  2. water
    A barrier built across a river to create reservoirs and generate electricity


  3. chemical weathering
    Changes rock to something new


  4. gravitygrinding away rock by rock or other sand particles


  5. erosiongrinding away rock by rock or other sand particles