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How often does a lunar eclipse take place?

2 to 4 times per year

How many degrees is the earth tilted?

23.5 degrees

How long does it take the moon to orbit the earth?

28 to 29 days

How old is the Earth?

4.6 billion years

How long does it take to go from high tide to low tide?

6 hours and 12 minutes

How do scientists think the moon came into being?

A collision occurred between the earth and a large object that blasted away part of the earth's mantle

During this type of eclipse, the moon is farther from the earth and a ring of sunlight surrounds the dark disk

Annular Eclipse

Why do we always see the same side of the moon from Earth?

Because its period of rotation equals its period of revolution

Why don't solar and lunar eclipses occur every month?

Because the moon's orbit is tilted

When a small sliver of the moon is visible


When the entire surface facing the Earth is illuminated; one whole side of the moon is visible

Full moon

When the moon is more than half full


When the Earth comes between the sun and the moon and the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon

Lunar eclipse

These tides occur during the 1st and 3rd quarter phases of the moon.

Neap Tides

When none of the moon's surface facing the earth is illuminated; none of the moon is visible

New moon

Are all eclipses visible?


Is the moon's atmosphere the same as Earths?

No, it is much thinner.

The lighter outer part of a shadow; the area in which the shadow of an object is partial


When one half of one side of the moon is visible

Quarter moon

These are caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis and take place during new and full moon phases of the moon


When the moon comes between the Earth and the sun and the shadow of the moon falls on part of the Earth; these occur during New Moon

Solar eclipse

Tides that are higher and lower than usual

Spring Tides

The season during which the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, but the earth is farthest from the sun


What causes the phases of the moon?

The positions of the moon, Earth, and the sun in relationship to one another

These are caused by the pull of the moon on the Earth.


When the moon comes between the Earth and the sun and completely covers the sun as viewed from Earth

Total solar eclipse

The area in which the shadow of an object is total; the darkest inner part of the shadow of an eclipse


When the visible portion of the moon is getting smaller


When the visible portion of the moon is getting larger


The season when the earth is closest to the sun


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