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Le Moulin de la Galette,

Picasso-Blue Period,1901

Evocation-The Burial of Casagemas, oil on wood

Picasso-Blue Period,1903

La Vie,

Picasso-Blue Period,1903

The Old Guitarist,

Picasso-Blue Period,1903

Poor People on the Seashore (Tragedy), o/wood,

Picasso-Rose Period,1905

Family of Saltimbanques,

Picasso-Rose Period,1905

Boy Leading a Horse, o/c

Iberian period/African masks/ primitivism-Picasso,1906

Two Nudes,o/c


Gertrude Stein,

Picasso 1907, June/July

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon


Houses at L'Estaque, o/c,

Picasso-Cubism, 1908-9

Three Women, o/c

Analytic Cubism, Picasso,1911-12

Ma Jolie, 1911-1912

Analytic Cubism Braque,1911

The Portugese

Analytic Cubism, Picasso, 1910

Portrait of Ambrose Vollard, o/c

Synthetic Cubism, Picasso, 1912

Still Life with Chair Caning, oil and oilcloth on canvas

Synthetic Cubism, Braque,1912

Fruit Dish and Glass, pasted paper and charcoal on paper

Synthetic Cubism Picasso, 1912

Bottle of Suze, pasted papers,gouache, charcoal on paper

Picasso "return to order",1921

Three Women at the Spring

Picasso after WWI, Cubism, 1921

Three Musicians, o/c

Picasso-Surrealist Period, 1930

Seated Bather o/c

Picasso 1937


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