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Passive Smoking

nonsmokers inhaling cigarette smoke from the environment

Sidestream Smoke

Another name for second hand smoke. Smoke coming out of the tip of cigarette (not filtered so more dangerous)

Mainstream Smoke

Smoke inhaled from cigarette into lungs


Substances that alter sensory processing in the brain. Causing perceptual disturbances, changes in thought process, and depersonalization

Classic Phantastica

Major group of hallucinogens that typically allows user to remain in some touch with reality but also experience fantacy, can remember experience


Major group of hallucinogens that the user is outside of reality


Sensation or image on a sense other than the one being stimulated. Experiencing sounds as pictures, or of seeing movements produced by musical rhythms


-Hallucinogenic substance that dried mushrooms are likely to contain
-Primary active ingredient for "magic mushrooms"

Snuff Dipping

The act of placing tobacco between the gums and cheek or gums and lip

Ergot Fungus

LSD was synthesized from alkaloids and derived from this


-The hallucinogenic substance that is found in the peyote cactus
-Primary active ingredient in peyote


Hallucinogens most likely exert their effects by altering this neurotransmitter

Scopolamine, Hyoscyamine, Atropine

The three compounds in anticholinergic hallucinogens

Anticholinergenic Hallucinogens

Antagonize the effects of acetylcholine. Naturally occuring in plants and herbs. Such as atropine from deadly nightshade plant, mandrake, or jimsonweed


Pupil dilation


Drugs that enhance the sensation and pleasure of touching

Salvia Divinorum

Naturally occuring hallucinogen plant. Known as "Diviner's Sage" or "Diviner's Mint"

Cannabis Sativa

Biological species name for the variety of hemp plant known as marijuana. Because of fibers, hemp rope is made

Cannabis Indica

Grown for psychoactive resin, THC. Most potent

Cannabis Ruderalis

Grown in Russia, can be smoked, doesn't grow in Western climate


Cannibis has male and female parts of the plant


Meaning "without seeds" dried tops of female plant. Used as slang terms for marijuana (pot, Mary Jane)


Pure resin, low THC


A capsule containing THC that was approved by sale by the FDA in 1985 for medical purposes


A natural substance in the body that has marijuana-like effects

Nicotine gum, patches

Without prescription

Nicotine nasal spray, inhalers, bupropion/varenicline

With prescription


Antidepressant medication available by prescription


Chemical classification if it readily evaporates at room temperature


Often used to sedate the agitation caused by PCP


Dietary supplement used for potentially treating anxiety and depression


Dietary supplement used as possible antidepressant, active form on amino acid

Ginkgo Biloba

Dietary supplement suggested for improving memory (alzeimers), reduces blood clotting


"Without Snsibility" automatic pain relief, loss of conciousness


-"Without Pain" pain relief, still concious
-Most commonly used types of OTH medication in the U.S


Reduces fever


Drugs that block the coughing reflex


Relieve asthma attacks


Most frequently used OTC med. for gastrointestinal disorders

Nicotiana Tabacum

Primary species of tobacco cultivated in U.S


-OTC analgesic with the fewest anti-inflammatory effects


OTC drugs that cause the keratin layer of the skin to peel away are used for the treatment of this

Snuff/Chewing Tobacco

Alternatives to smoking, still administering nicotine


Combination of chewing and smoking


Type of oral cancer associated with smoking. White patches in gums.


-Naturally occurring liquid alkaloid that is colorless and volatile.
-Primary reinforcing substance in tobacco


Neurotransmitter that nicotine mimics by stimulating and then blocking receptor site

Phenylethylamine Hallucinogens

Chemically related to amphetamines (DOM, MDA, MDMA)

PCP (Phencyclidine)

First used as anesthetic, dangerous because of unpredictability


High blood pressure in eyes, associated with marijuana use

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) 1994

-Defined supplements and set regulations for safety and labeling
-Only take off shelves IF multiple dangerous complants

Kefauver-Harris Amendment 1962

-Requires drugs be safe and effective
-Three standards (GRAS, GRAE, GRAHL)

Acetylsalicylic Acid



Asprin like analgesic and anti-inflammatory

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