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Is an agreement between nations or groups to help each other against other nations or groups.


to surrender


an i.Import tax, on goods brought into the colonies from another country


An organized campain to refuse, to buy certain products.


A written request to a goverment for something that many people want

writs of assistance

Court orders that allow officials to make searches without saying for what they were searching.


a total control of a market for a certain product.


official end of a law or action, removing something from practice

minute man

Citizen soilders who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.


the shutting off of a port by ships to keep people or supplies from moving in or out.


Soilders who serve another country for money.


a force made up by civilians to protect the citizens and community

Goerge Washington

A surveyor, a leader of the militia in the colony of Virginia who later became a general in the Revolution and the first president.

John Adams

a well known farmer and leader from Massachusetts, who defended colonial rights, and became the second president

Samuel Adams

John Adam's cousin who established a Committee of Correspondence to inform colonists of British actions

Benjamin Franklin

a leader from Pennsylvania, an inventor, a writer who defended colonial rights

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