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A substance in foods that the body needs to regulate bodily functions, promote growth, repair body tissues, and obtain energy


Is the chemical process by which your body breaks down food to release this energy.


units used to measure energy


Are nutrients made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.


part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested


Supply your body with energy, form your cells, maintain body temperature, and protect your nerves.

unsaturated fats

Fats that are usually liquid at room temperature.

saturated fats

Fats that are usually solid at room temperature.


a waxy substance produced and needed by the body, also found in animal fats and some plant foods

trans fats

Are made when manufacturers add hydrogen to the fat molecules in vegetable oils. These are not good for you.


Most important role in the growth and repair of your body's tissues.

amino acids

building blocks of proteins


compounds that help regulate many vital body processes, including the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of other nutrients


Vitamins that help protect healthy cells from the damage caused by the normal aging process as well as certain types of cancer. Vitamins C & E.


Nutrients that occur naturally in rocks and soil.


a deficiency of red blood cells


internal stability or "steady state" maintained by the body


regulates many processes in your cells.


a serious reduction in the body's water content

dietary guidelines for Americans

a set of recommendations for healthful eating and active living

nutrient-densed food

contains lots of vitamins and minerals relative to the number of calories.

MyPyramid plan

a plan that groups foods according to types and indicates how much of each type should be eaten daily for a healthy diet

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