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Argument Vocabulary

Argument Vocabulary
--in life: conflicts engaged in using language
--in writing: opinions that can be backed up with evidence
To move another person or group to agree with a belief or position through argument, appeal, or course of action
Information that is certain and can be proven
debatable claim
An opinion that is a matter of personal experience and values that must be backed up with evidence; others can disagree with this claim
Details, facts, and reasons that support a debatable claim
anecdotal evidence
A kind of evidence based on personal observation and experience, often in the form of a brief story. Can come from the writer, friends, family, or acquaintances
factual evidence
Data, confirmed facts, and research performed by experts. Found by the writer performing research
Sentences in an argument paragraph that explains what is important about the evidence and tell the reader how it proves and supports the claim
Words and phrases that show the reader the connections between ideas in sentences or parts of sentences, including evidence, commentary, and reasoning
topic sentences
The first sentence of a paragraph that provides a promise to the reader about what is to come, in an argument paragraph, the topic sentence must contain a debatable claim and should provide a sense of the evidence that is to come
A type of argument in which the writer uses logic or common sense to persuade