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They share the same config and schema.

What do Forests share?

A tree is a group of domains that share the same name space. Example:

What is a tree?

Forest -> Tree -> Domain

What are the 3 types of of Structure for a Active Policy?

A schema defines a domain it is like the building code.

What is a schema?

A domain is a database of objects that organize users and computers that can be broken up in ous.

What is a domain?

Advanced install mode is used for a new tree in a forest or for media based installs.

When do you use advanced install mode?

A guiless mode of server 2008

What is server 2008 core server?

Schema, Config, and Domain

What are the main 3 tables discussed of NTDS.dit?

Schema, and Config

What Tables synchronize forest wide?


What tables does AD sites and services bind to?


What tables does domain and trusts modify?

Domain table

Active Directory Users and Computers modifys what table?

It is the minimum level of operating systems used for domain controllers

What does raise domain functional level mean?

You can only lower a domain functionality level if the Forrest domain functionality level is lower.

When can you lower domain functionality levels?


Can server 2008 core server use powershell?

.Net framework

What does powershell need to run?

A program that lets you modify various properties of a 2008 r2 core server. Example ip, domain, computer name, time, date, etc

What is sconfig.exe?

No, Only 2008 R2

Can Server 2008 Core be a certificate server?

Yes, only in server 2008 and 2008 r2

Is accidental deletion default checked in ou setup?

because of encryption. If the user has encrypted files then they will not be accessible if you reset the password. have them use a password reset disk.

Why should you not reset a user's password in a workgroup?

Changes default computer location for adding a computer to a domain.

What is redircmp?


How do you change the default user location?

Discretionary Access Control List. Used for delegating permissions.

What is DACL?

Secure access control list. User for auditing. Needs to be turned on via policy first.

What is SACL?

Only if the deny permission is a pushed permission.

When will an allow overwrite a deny permission?

to add a the active directory schema to mmc.

Why do you register the schema .dll?

Powershell, VB Scripts, DSADD, CSVDE, LDIFDE

How can you add a user from command line?

It is needed for powershell.

Why is active directory web services important?

A User Principal Name Used so users can use their email to signon if the login domain matches the email.

What is a UPN?

From the active directory sites and services.

How can you add a alternative upn?

A group that is given a sid that can do security and email.

Define a security group.

No sid, email only

Define a distribution group.

Open Membership, Local domain resource access

Define Domain Local Membership and Resource access.

Membership from users in the same domain only. Open resource access

Define Global group Membership and Resource access.

Open Membership and open enrollment.

Define Universal Group Membership and Resource access.

The global catalog server

Where does universal membership reside?

A group that mimics the users in its ou for PSOs

What is a shadow group?

Password Setting Object. It lets you create password polices specific to a group or user.

What is a PSO?

Server 2008

What Domain functional level do you need to be to use PSOs?

Groups that have dynamic membership. Like everyone or interactive users.

What is a special identity group?

Containers only. Site, Domain, OU

What can group policy link to?


Does local policy win over Active Directory?

The last one read will overwrite the previous one if setup for the same attributes only if the previous on is optional. Set to enforced to overwrite optional.

How can you keep GPOs from overwriting each other.


What is the server core configuration command for installing roles and components?


What is the command to promote a domain controller?


What is the command to configure dns via command prompt?


What is the command to configure dfs via command prompt?

It finds objects in the active directory via command prompt.

What does dsquery.exe do?

create an answer file

What do you have to do before running dc promo on a core server?


What is the command to change ip?

Using the ad schema snapin

How do you manage the schema?


What port is LDAP?


What port is used by the global catalog server?

netdom or nltest

What is the best way to reset computer passwords?

enterprise admin

Who can add an alternative upn?

On the resource domain make a local group and on the user domain make a global group. Link the global to the local.

What is the best way to have users from one domain connect to a resource in another domain?

PSO: Password Setting Option

What is a fine grain password setting?

Local, Site, Domain, OU

How is group policy read?

Used to add a computer to the domain while the domain is offline

What is djoin.exe?

It blocks all optional policy above for the location it set to and for the locations below it as well.

How does block policy inheritance work?


How do you edit local group policy?

gpupdate /force

How do you push out group policy update?

Local GP and Site GP

What policys follow pc?

Domain and OU Group Policies

What policies follow users?

Group Policy Creator Owner

What group does a user need to belong to to make a group policy?

In group policy management console.

Where do you give permission to link a gpo?

No. It depends on your ip scheme.

Are site policies for computers static?

User and computers it does not attach to groups.

What does group policy modify?

Either WMI filtering or Security filtering.

How do you fiter out a person from a specific policy?

Setting up a queue for a specific result to have a gpo apply to. Example computers with more that 2 gb or memory.

What is WMI filtering?

Setting up permission in the dacl of the group policy object for a specific group. Then setting read and append permissions allow or deny. This allows a policy to not apply or apply to member of that group.

What is group policy security filtering?

A command tool to give status on what policy apply to that machine and user account. Use the /R command.

What is gpresult?


Where are GPO setting kept?

The registry

Where does GPO Admin templates modify?

A 2008 admin template file

What is a .admx file?

You can now use commenting and starter gpos.

What changes were made in the administrator template setting for server 2008?

a gpo that is used as a template for other gpos.

What is a starter gpo?

If the gpo no longer applies then the registry mods are removed. The unmanaged will leave the changes to the registry even though the policy does not apply.

Why is it better to use manged administrative template gpos?

Config table

What tables does AD sites and services bind to?

Config Table

What tables does domain and trusts modify?

Look back processing allows you to have a group policy attached to an ou modify other objects that interact with the object in you ou. Example if Bob loggs in to a pc the loopback could have a user properties policy that is attached to the computer ou modify Bob.

What is look back processing and why would you use it?

Repadmin is a command line utility that is used to diagnose syncing issues between domain controllers. /syncall used to push sync.

What is repadmin.exe?

The local security databse located in c:windows:securitydatabase. These are settings are from local group policy

What is secedit.sbd?

Local group policy editor.

Where can you import and export the local security policy?

There are advanced auditing options now.

What changes in 2008 R2 in auditing?

USERS AND global groups

What can PSO be linked to?

ASDI edit

What tool is used to make pso?

It is a read only domain controller and is used to keep a copy copy of the database without passwords. Used for remote sites.

What is a RODC and why is it used?

By default no but you can set it to store some passwords for specific objects.

Can a rodc store passwords?

2003 or highter

What forest functional level is needed for RODC?

A list of root dns server that can assist on finding the dns resources for .com, .net, etc.

What is a root hint?

Using the dnscmd command or right clicking the dns manager to clear cache.

What are the ways to clean up server dns?

By selecting the manage by tab

How do you change the RODC manage permissions?

The command to change local roles of a machine

What is dsmgmt?


How do you join a domain from commmand?


How do you add server core roles from command?

displays installed roles

What does ocelist do?

the first domain in the forest

What is a forest root domain?

creates objects

what does dsadd do?

returns attributes of an object

what does dsget do?

modifes object attributes

what does dsmod do?

moves objects to a different ou

what does dsmove do?

removes an object?

what does dsrm do?

it imports the ad objects via command line. The -I is the import command.

what does csvde -i do? Why is -I important?

to allow gpos to hit immediately

why do you prestage computer objects?

an domain user, set to default of 10, change is asdi for machine quota

who can add computers to domains?

the command to enable auditing on directory dervice changes

what is auditpool?

the one with the lower guid (global unique identifyer)

If 2 psos have the same value who wins?

using the password replication plicy (prp)

how do you have a rodc store passwords?

at least 1 writable 2008 dc

what do rodc need?

run adprep /rodcprep

if a rodc server has a 2003 dc in its forest what needs to be done?


can servers be authoritative for more than 1 level of domain herarchy?

a portion of namespace that a dns server is authoritative of

what is a dns zone?

a service to query other dns servers

what is a dns resolver?

dns databse entries that are used to answer queries

what are dns resource records?


where are root hints kept?

dnscmd /clearcache

what is the command to clear dns cache from command prompt

IT detects if you have a bad connection during domain controller sysncing. if that is the case it only applies part of gpo policys. Does not push software or larger policys.

What is slow link detection?

It lets you out enviromental variabales by filtering for a specific target.

WHat is item level targeting?

Command to modify local security policy.

What does secedit do?

Domain controllers OU

Where does AD security Access auditing bind to?

Domain controllers OU

Where does account management Auditing bind to?

Domain controllers OU

Where does account lock auditing bind to?

Enable it in group policy and configuer you SACLs of the objects to audit.

Where does directory service auditing need you to do?

NTFS file shares, reg keys, printers, and CAs

What does object access auditing audit?

It allows you to remove attributes from RODC caching.

What does RODC filtered attribute set allow you to do?

Load the schema in to asdi edit and find the object to not cache. Go to the objects properties and find the search flag. Modify the search flag to be 640 marking it a confedental.

How do you modify the filtered attribute set of a rodc?

it prompts you to reset the users passwords that are synced and cached.

What happens when you delete a rodc?

Install roles via command line

What does ocsetup do?

A server that does not have root records. It looks at other local dns servers for recursion and helps lower queries for internet traffic.

What is a cache only dns server?

It is used for unix servers that are secondary servers for your site.

Why would you use the dns property bind secondaries?

Round robbin is used for addind multiple dns server to a host record. This is poor mans load balancing.

What is round robbin and what is it used for?

Secure cache polution verifys the reply matches the request so the dns cache does not have incorrect information.

What does secure cache against polution?

Conditional fowarding lets you setup a a specific dns server for a domain.

What is conditional forwarding?

Using the security tab you can delegate control.

How do you deligate control over dns?

Server 2008 R2

What os has Trust anchors for DNS?

You use it to search multiple domain names by using the object name. For example or

What is a suffix search list?

Ipconfig /displaydns

How do you display dns from command line?

A stub zone is a preconfigured list of NS (dns servers) and the a host record for them. This lets you queue the dns server directly without recursion.

What is a stub zone in dns?

DNS zones stored in AD will replicate accross to other domain servers. It is a more secure way than dns replication.

Why store zones in AD?

Forest DNS Zones, Domain DNS Zones, Domain partition, and custom app partition

What are the ad tables you can store dns zones in?

Forest wide

How do Forest DNS zone replicate?

Domain wide

How do Domain DNS Zones replicate?

By using the ntdsutil or dnscmd

How do you make a custom ad zone location?

The zone that will resolve FQDN to ip

What is a foward lookup zone?

The zone that will resolve ip to FQDN

What is a reverse lookup zone?

Start of authority. It defines how often zone transfers happen.

What is a SOA?

It is the autority of a domain

What is a NS DNS Server?

nslookup -qt-ns domainname

What is the command to look up dns ns servers?

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