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What are advanced directives?

A statement of a persons wishes for medical decisions prior to a critical event

What is buccal route?

within the cheek

What are associations?

links between familiar items and items to be remembered

What does HIPAA stand for?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

What did HIPAA do?

ensures the privacy of patients records without creating problems transfering information between health professionals, which might harm the quality of care

What type of test assesses your ability to remember the meaning of a word?


a set of procedures recognized by thr CDC to reduce the chance of transmitting infectous microorganisms in any health care setting ex: wash hands, dispose of needles

standard precaution

what are pathogens?

disease-producing microorganisms

what is self determination act?

gave all hospitalized patients the right to make health care decisions on admission to the hospital

piercing mucous membranes, or skin barrier, by injection.


What is drug indiosyncrasy?

unusual or abnormal reaction to a drug

What are the four elements that must be present for negligence to be proved?

dereliction of duty
direct cause

What are mind body interventions?

existence of a mind body connection and the ability of the mind to affect bodily functions and symptoms. ex: hypnosis, visual imagery, prayer, and mental healing

What is indirect transmission?

touching a contaminated object and then transfering it
Contact with a vector contaminated with a disease (food, counter tops, etc)

What does OSHA stand for?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

What is the highest level of infection control?


What is standing order?

Drug ordered on regular bases, that is to be continued until further notice by DR.

What is PRN order?

order to administer drug as needed

short term stress

breathing becomes rapid and shallow, heart rate increases, muscles in the shoulders, forehead, and back of neck tighten, hands and feet become cold and sweaty

long term stress

suppresses the immune system by destroying white blood cells
suppressing WBC's production, thus diminishing the body's disease-fighting capabilities
the realease of fatty acid into the blood-stream that lead to
coronary atery disease, stroke, or heart attack.

associate key information to an easily remembered word or phrase


Which act ensures that caregivers are immune from liability suit as long as you act in good faith, and in a manner that a reasonable and prudent person would in a simular situation?

Good Samaritan Act

The main reason for seeking medical care is called what?

Chief complaint

universal precautions rule

all human blood and certain human body fluids are treated as if known to be infectious for HIV, HBV, and other bloodborne pathogens

Process whereby drugs move throughout the body to achieve drug action?


When should you place a needle in a sharps container?

After it has been used or contaminated

What does respondeat superior mean and explain?

"let the master answer"
employer is responsible for the acts of the employee, if such acts were performed within the scope of the employee's duties

Where can inactive records be stored?

In the facility, out of the way, such as the basement or attic

What are the three types of health records?


What is the most crucial part of active listening during a lecture?

Taking notes

What is imagery?

an additional way to encode information .

What are two main filing systems and explain their difference?

Numeric ~ uses numbers
Alphabetic ~ uses letters

What are patients history forms?

forms to gather information from the patient before the visit

What type of standards must health records management adhere to?

certain legal, moral, and ethical standards

What is the difference between battery and assault?

Battery Any bodily contact without permission.
Assault The clear threat of injury to another.

What does MSDS stand for?

Material Safety Data Sheets

What are three phases of GAS (general adaption syndrome)?


What is a subjective test?

no single correct answer exist

What is malpractice?

a tort in which the patient is harmed by the actions of a health care worker

What law are healthcare professionals charged with when practicing medicine without a license?

criminal law

Waht is normal blood pressure?

120/80 or below

What is the dilution of bleach to water?

2oz bleach toper quart of tap water

What does dyspnea mean?

difficult or labored breathing

What does tachypnea mean?

respitory rate that is much faster than average

Where is carotid pulse found?

The pulse from the carotids may be felt on either side of the front of the neck just below the angle of the jaw

Where is radial pulse found?

on the wrist, just below the thumb

Where is femoral pulse found?

near the groin area

What are seven rights to proper drug administration?

1. Right drug 2. Right dose 3. Right time 4. Right Pt 5. Right route 6. Right technique 7. right documentation

Which govt organization was created to conduct and support basic applied clinical research and research training in various forms of complimentary and alternative medicine?

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

All healthcare facilities must post what type of notices in the waiting rooms?

Notice of Privacy Practices

What does PPE stand for?

Personal Protective Equipment

What are examples of PPE?


When do you need a disclosure to be signed by a patient to realese information?

When sharing information outside the covered entity requires autherization from the paitient

Which govt agency would you be able to get additional information on HIPPA?

No other
Ways to updat:
Reading news letters for the organization
attending state meetings
attending professional meetings

What is the most frequent route of administration?


What is the concentration of bleach to water for disinfecting surfaces and instruments?

2oz bleach toper quart of tap water

What are NCCAM's five domains?

Alternative Medical systems
Biological based therapy
Manipulative and body based methods
Mind body interventions
Energie therapies

What are NCCAM's five principles?

Body has the ability to heal itself
health and healing are related to a harmony of mind, body and spirit
basin, good health practices build the foundation for healing
healing practices are individualized
people are responsible for their own healing

What are some examples of parenteral route?


Examples of pharmacokinetic?


Brain stores four kinds of imagery memory easily


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