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What 4 Elements created Western Civ during the Middle Ages?

1. Ancient Greco-Roman Culture
2.Newer Germanic Traditions
3. Developed Christian Religion
4.The Imperial Church


First Christian Emperor, est. "new rome"/Constantiople, perm division of the empire, eliminated christian persecution

What are 3 things about the Dark Ages?

1. Period of material decline and spiritual wealth
2. Period of thriving monasticism and scholarship
3. Roman Catholic Church emerged as the major custodian of Western Culture

The Byzantine Empire:

1. Reached it's peak under Justinean
2.Eastern form of Christianity became Eastern Orthodox Church

What city is the Center of Islam?


What is the first Pilliar of Islam?

Declaration of Faith

What is the Second Pillar of Islam?

Ritual Prayer 5 times a day

What is the Third Pillar of Islam?

Giving to Charity

What is the Fourth Pillar of Islam?


What is the Fifth Pillar of Islam?

Pilgrimage to Mecca

Who started the First Crusade under the order of Alexis?

Pope Urban II

What were three motives to the Crusade?

Rescue Jerusalem, Aid Christians in the East, Unite Greek and Latin Churches under Rome

Who was the first ruler of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem?

Godfrey of Lorraine

What was the Greco-Roman approach to Education?

the study of lit, philosophy, and the arts became the standard model throughout the middle ages and remaining at the heart of Western Civ even to the present

Who conqurered Rome in 6th century BC?


Who was in the First Triumvirates?

Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar

Who was in the Second Triumvirates?

Octavian, Mark Antony, and Lepidus

Who was the First emperor after the republic died?

Octavian, takes name Augustus Caesar

What did Augustus establish?

Pax Romana, maintained appearence of republic but little power in senate, Army became professional

What are the major reasons of the Fall of Rome?

Barbarian invasions, falling tax revenue, slave revolts, general unraveling of the social order of room, armed forces stretched too thin

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