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Relational Database Terms

When working Relational Database it is to know certain terminologies and concepts.

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Relational Database
A database consisting of more than two related tables. The relationship between the tables is created by placing a primary key of the primary in to the secondary table.
Database Tables
Database tables stores in rows and records in an organised. It is also known as Entity.
A row is made up of fields and contain full details of particular. A table is made of many record.,
A column in a table, also known as attribute
Technical Term by database expert and academia; used by developers of relational databases for record.
It is tool or for extracting information required matching specific requirements.
It is used for entering, viewing and editing data inside a database
Primary Key
A field that uniquely identifies a given each record in table
Foreign Key
A primary key of one table that is placed as a field in another table with objective of creating relationship between the tables.
Composite Key
Group of fields used to uniquely identify a particular record. While each fields may not be unique the combination identifies each records uniquely.
It is another name for fields identifying each columns in database tables.
It represents main object with a business which relates to table each within a database. It is another name for database tables.
Arrange the rows in a table in either ascending or descending order.
It is way displaying information from database queries andreports
It is a simple way of programming the database that performs various actions like opening a form or report or activating a combo box.
Data Integrity
It is a requirement about making sure that data stored in a dtabase and information extracted is reliable, complete and valid.
It is used to customize the way stored data such is numbers, dates, times, and text are displayed and printed.
Input mask
It can be added to table fields, queries, and to form controls with a purpose of specifying how data is stored.
Is a collection of facts that is useless until you process it or put in to context.
Is the useful output or result of the processing of a database that is arranged or put in to context.
Data Types
It is one of the main attribute of a filed it determines what kind of data it can store e.g. text, date, currency, etc.