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Chapter 9: Physical & Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood

Psychology 14: Child Development
What does your text suggest is the most significant physical development of middle childhood?
improvement in fine motor coordination that makes it possible to write, play a musical instrument, paint, and draw
What two areas of the brain undergo major growth spurts during middle childhood?
Sensory and motor areas and the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex
Of the following abilities, what would be particularly important to a basketball player?
Spatial cognition
Researchers estimate that about 85% of bike-related head injuries could be prevented by
requiring children to wear helmets while riding bicycles
What are the implications for a child whose BMI-for-age falls in the 90th percentile?
They are at risk for becoming overweight
Between the ages of 6 and 12, children add roughly how many words per year to their vocabulary?
Concrete operations permit children to understand
Relations among objects
A child who understands conservation of mass or volume would, of necessity, also understand which of the following?
What is an example of a child's use of inductive logic?
Imani's teacher was kind on the first day of class. From that he assumed that she is probably a nice person.
If Doreen understands class inclusion, then she understands
that dogs are mammals and that mammals are animals
According to the author of the text, what is a statement that represents the key contrast between Piaget's and Siegler's views on children's cognitive development?
Age versus experience
When the teacher asked, "How many inches are there in 1 mile?" Carmen answered without having to pause to compute the number of inches in a foot. Carmen's skill is an example of which cognitive ability?
To help himself remember the colors of the visible spectrum, Cam said, "ROY G BIV" representing a color for each letter. What method is he using to assist him with remembering the colors?
Regarding the use of scanning and systematic searching, what are statements would be representative of a 3 - 4 year old.
-They would be able to choose a specific toy from their toy box
-They would be able to look for their cereal on the shelf
-They would be able to choose their favorite color of crayon from the box
What term applies to those school children who are non-English-speaking, whether immigrant or native-born?
Limited English proficient
When I.Q. tests are developed, the scores are determined by comparing individual students' scores to an overall average attained by giving the same test to large numbers of similar individuals. This process describes
Who is the theorist who proposed the idea of multiple intelligences?
Howard Gardner
What term describes the " ability to use language effectively?
Linguistic intelligence
Sternberg's theory proposes three components of intelligence. What are they?
Contextual, experiential and componential
Emotional intelligence has three components: awareness of personal emotions, appropriate emotional expression and
The ability to channel emotions into the pursuit of worthwhile goals.
Describe a distinguishing characteristic of culture-fair tests?
They minimize the impact of verbal knowledge
When a child is focusing on the "big picture" rather than focusing on details, which style of learning is the child using?
A child who has difficulty mastering specific academic skills such as reading, but who has normal intelligence and no physical or sensory handicaps, might be categorized as having which of the following?
Learning disability
A child who has academic and behavioral problems in school because he or she is more physically active and/or less attentive than peers may be classified as having which of the following?
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
What type of intelligence allows one to develop good social skills?