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To most of the public, they thought it was great since they were taking back the holy land. It was more important to Europe because, as previously stated, it helped in the dark ages. Italy managed to get Western Europe in a frenzy about take the holy land away from the infidels. The real reason they did so was to open up the area to trade, and get some of the goods that came on the silk rode. Europe won the first crusade, which allowed the Venetians in Italy to trade. This helped build up their wealth which eventually led to the Renaissance, which later spread over Europe. This allowed for the West to become more powerful, and eventually take over and pretty much rule the world. Another reason it was more important, was that it destroyed the Muslims for awhile. The Byzantine Empire counted on them to be the first line of defensive against the Mongols. This allowed them to further weaken the Byzantine Empire. This also helped spread the Bubonic Plague, which was spread by the Mongols on fleas and rats that traveled along the silk road, which ended in the Holy Land, where the Venetians and Italians were trading, and they brought it to Europe. The Bubonic Plague was the end of the Dark Ages,and the beginning of the High Middle Ages. In this period Europe went on to the Renaissance and Enlightenment period, where Europe became more technologically advance and powerful. In basic terms, it helped end Western Europe's isolation, and open it up to the world and to trading. This led to several developments and events that changed the course of history and helped the West become the dominate player in the world.