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grammar section

Transitive Verb

A designated verb that needs a direct object
Ex/ the dog LOOKED faithfully at the dog
DO->transitive verb->how/who/where/etc

Intransitive Verb

A verb that does not need a direct object

Direct Object

The main subject-
Ex/ the DOG sighed, then walked bact to the doghouse

Indirect Object

The second most important object
Ex/ the dog sighed at his OWNER then walked bact to the doghouse


A word used before a noun
(anywhere a mouse can go)
the mouse went INTO the box.

Predicate Word

One of the 2 parts of the sentence, the word that has the tense
i LIKE food

Action Verb

Some verb that you can do
ex/ Johnny JUMPED

Linking Verb

the verb that keeps the sentence going
ex/ Johnny IS singing

Object of Preposition

The object where the preposition is

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