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Steve is afraid of eating in public expecting to be judged negatively and to feel humiliated as a result he always makes up excuses when asked out to eat. He would most likely be diagnosed with...

a social phobia

An assessment tool asks individuals to record all the times they feel sad in order to try to measure tendencies towards depression. However individuals report wide variation from day to day in terms of number of episodes of sad they record. This assessment tool has...

low test - re-test reliability, and high face validity

if the behavior of a man elicited kindness and validity from his wife when he was mute, he would be receiving _______ gains for his behavior


if I believe that it is a dire necessity for me to be loved or approved by everything and that it is catastrophic if things are not the way I want them I am displaying basic...

irrational assumptions

in the united states today one is likes to find a severely ill mental patient...

on the street or in jail

college students who always become so anxious when taking a test that they cannot remember even simple things that they know quite well are experiencing a...


the defense mechanism that involves not "owning" one's unwanted thoughts, but believing that they are foreign intrusions is called...


imagine you had just had a close call while driving, but now you feel your body returning to normal. Which part of the nervous system is controlling this return to normalcy?

the parasympathetic nervous system

in the most common type of dissociative amnesia, a person loses memory for...

all events beginning with the trauma but within a limited period of time

poor heath is best described as a...


research suggests that which of the following is the best predictor of a person developing a stress disorder

generally being describes as lacking in resiliency

in response to a threat we perspire, breath more quickly, get goosebumps and feel nauseated. These responses are controlled by the...

sympathetic nervous system

the ability to generalize results from a study of certain individuals to individuals not studied is called...

external validity

which of following accurately describes the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal pathway of the stress response...

the hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary to produce a stress hormone that causes the adrenal gland to release corticosteroids

people who fear the slightest change in their physical state is an indication of series illness suffer from


Jamal observed his parents' generous behavior throughout his childhood, as a result he developed a positive and generous attitude towards the world. according to the behavioral model, Jamal has acquired his lifestyle through the process of...


a woman who is particularly threatened by any display of anger becomes unable to speak when she is most angry with her husband, thereby keeping the anger out of awareness. according to psychodynamic theorists, she is achieving blank from her illness...

primary gain

if your friend asks you which of the following medications would be best to treat generalized anxiety disorder, you should say...

an anti-depressant

at the outset of a _____, fear of losing control leads to hyperventilation, which leads to a fear of suffocation, which leads to a feeling that the situation is very dangerous and the person is losing control

panic attack

someone who believes that among our ancestors, those who feared animals, darkness, and heights were more likely to survive long enough to reproduce represents the _____ explanation of the development of phobias...


regarding disasters in stress, which of the following is not true

the symptoms of disaster induced stress disorders are different from combat induced stress disorders

a phobic person is taught to imagine the feared items as part of desensitization training. this is an example of the ____ technique


of the following the best description of the avoidance theory of generalized anxiety disorder is...

worrying serves to reduce bodily arousal

who wouldn't be afraid all the time? we have the bomb, overpopulation, AIDS and violent crime everywhere. it is difficult to get a good job unless you understand all that complicated computer junk. this complaint is consistent with a ____ explanation of generalized anxiety disorder.


long term anxiety is related to...

poor GABA reception

in an experiment in two new drugs on mood, neither the patients, researchers, nor those who were evaluating mood know which drugs the patients were getting. the study is a ____ blind


someone who has munchausen syndrome also by definition has

a factitious disorder

a other wise normal person during hypnotic suggestion is made to bark, sit and fetch like a dog. the occurrence of these abnormal behaviors lends support to which explanation for abnormality


if researchers studied vietnam veterans for 30 years after their return, the study would be...


which of the following is an example of metaworry...

worrying about worrying

if the state-dependent learning explanation of dissociative disorders is correct, a person may not remember stressful events because he or she is...

at a different arousal level after the stress is over

a cognitive theorist would be most likely to say which of the following about hysterical disorders?

the patient is otherwise unable to communicate difficult emotion

the __ operates in accord with the pleasure principle...

the id

which of the following best illustrates the interaction of phycho-social and physical factors in the development of a medical condition?

hypertension caused by obesity and constant stress

a somatization disorder differs from a conversion disorder in that...

conversion disorders usually last less time

a phobic person is exposed to computer graphics that simulate real-world situation. This is an example of the ____ technique

virtual reality

the patient had several surgeries over the years for vague and non-specific sexual reproductive problems. visiting the best hospitals in the East over the course of treatment. the best diagnosis for this disorder is...

somatization disorder

which of the following would appear on axis 4...

being homeless

evidence and support of the biological understanding of generalized anxiety is supported by the finding that...

relatives of people which generalized anxiety are more likely to have it than non-relatives

which of the following convinces researchers that panic disorder is biologically different from generalized anxiety disorder...

differences in the brain circuitry in the two disorders

if someone were to correlate scores on the social readjustment rating scale with the numbers of physical health complaints, one would most likely find...

a significant positive correlation

which of the following would lead you to suspect hysterical rather than medical symptoms...

uniform and even numbness in the damaged hand

if you wanted a drug to improve the functioning of GABA, you would choose...

a benzodiazepine

correlation and experiments are preferred over case studies for all of the following reasons except...

the offer rich details that makes the results extremely interesting

hypochondriasis differs from somatization disorders in that...

in hypochondriasis anxiety is more pronounced than in somatization disorder

symptoms such as sadness, loss of appetite and low energy cluster together to form a...


which of the following is an example of a narrow social phobia

fear of public speaking

people who are unable to recall important information about themselves especially of an upsetting nature are most likely experiencing

dissociative amnesia

if a clinician wanted to know more detailed info about a person's functioning in a specific area, the clinician would use...

a response inventory

a student who dreads being called on in class and in fact panics at the thought of public speaking is experiencing a ___ response to stress...


a returning combat veteran with a stress disorder would most like be in ___ to help change dysfunctional attitudes and styles of interpretation that resulted from the trauma...

cognitive therapy

which of the following reflects the most common obsessive thought...

if i tough that door knob it will be dirty and contaminated

if you studied for this exam while you were unusually happy, you'll probably do best taking it when you are...

unusually happy

the drug treatment that is most effective in treating panic disorder is like that used to treat


in the treatment of dissociative amnesia, sodium amobarbital and sodium pentobarbital work by

freeing people from their inhibitions, thus allowing them to recall unpleasant events

what is one important way that obsessions and compulsions are related?

compulsions help people control their obsessions

the most appropriate moto for someone with generalized anxiety disorder is...

better safe than sorry

a student who turns pale and feels nauseated when called on to speak in class is experiencing a ___ response to stress


a test is constructed to identify people who will develop schizophrenia. of the 100 people the test identifies, 93 show signs within 5 years. the test may said to have high...

predictive validity

a neurologist who is working with a person with OCD would be suspicious of abnormality in what region of the brain...

the caudate nuclei

if a person's mental functioning or body feels unreal or foreign, the person is most likely suffering from...


according to frued, children who are forbidden from expressing id impulses - making mud pies, playing war and exploring their genitals - are at risk for developing...

neurotic anxiety

the defense mechanism that involves doing good work in order to cancel out one's previous bad acts is called...


a child is bitten by a vicious dog in front of a park. the child is later very afraid of the park. according to classical conditioning the park is now...

a conditioned stimulus

if you criticized everything you did looking for flaws and never could measure up to your personal standards, you would be exhibiting what rogers called...

conditions of worth

a phobic person is taken to a snake handling convention in order to actually confront snakes as a part of a deconditioning training. this is an example of the ____ technique

in vivo

a client who is talking calmly and rationally all of a sudden begins whining and complaining like a spoiled child. if that client suffers from true multiple personality disorder, the client just experienced...


an abused child's thoughts occasionally drift to other less anxiety arousing topics. this anxiety reduction thus serves to strengthen other thoughts while weakening thoughts of abuse. a psychologist with which theoretical bkg would most like offer this quote as and explanation of the development of dissociative disorders...


lela always feels threatened and anxious, imagining something awful is going to happen. she is able to work and care for her family, but not as well as she'd like. lela is probably experiencing...

generalized anxiety disorder

ever since the auto accident, during which pat was miraculously unhurt, pat has not been the same. pat forgets appointments, friends' names and even things done in the last few days. pat's amnesia is termed...


if someone asked you about the effectiveness of psychological debriefing following a disaster, you would be most correct (based on the research) in saying what...

there is little evidence that debriefing works.

a professor who becomes anxious unless students sit in alphabetical order, turn in papers in alphabetical order, and leaves tests in that same order is experiencing...

obsessive compulsive disorder

if an individual has been diagnosed with dissociative disorder however the individual has very good recall of previous life events and has a strong sense of self. the most likely diagnosis for this person is..

depersonalization disorder

the heavier you are, the more food you are likely to eat. if it is true, this statement expresses....

a positive correlation

behavioral therapists treating a hysterical disorder would be most likely to focus on...

reducing the rewards available for displaying the disorder

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