U.S History 2nd Great Awakening

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a reawakening of faith or renewal commitment to religion; an evangelistic meeting or service intended to affect such a reawakening in those present
of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion
a group having a distinctive interpretation of a religious faith and usually its own organization
the action of making something democratic or fair
What new message renewed people's faith in Christianity?
A religious revival spreading the message that entry into heaven was in peoples own hands. This could be achieved by contributing to a societal change
What unique religious gatherings were created by the awakening and how did they differ from traditional church services?
A camp style revival where preachers created excitement to motivate people and put on a show. These would be held under tents in open fields, instead of churches
What were the 2 revival strains?
1. Being a hard worker, managing your money, and not drinking was considered good and positive

2.Reform groups were created to fix problems in society ( drinking, abolishing slavery). These groups helped make society more fair and equal
What were the 3 main examples of social reform groups favored by Charles Finney?
Abolition (to end slavery), Temperance (fix the drinking problem), and Suffrage (women's right to vote)
if an effect is that a church attendance spikes what is the cause?
Americans renewed their faith in christian beliefs
What is the effect of a new message, new style of preaching, and new type of worship?
Many new denominations; people worshiped outside
What is the effect of social activism?
Social reform groups are created
The legacy of many established churches happened because
the second great awakening created a lasting impact on American Society