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Sumerian Cuneiform
-clay tablets -first form of writing -replaced by alphabet M
Ziggurats at Ur
Dedicated to Ishtar M
Code of Hammurabi
-7ft tall -1 code survives -in Louvre -barely enforced M
Winged humAn headed bull from Assurnasirpal 2 palace
-5 legs -2 at gateway M
Ishtar gate
-blue glazed bricks -dedicated to Ishtar M
Great palace of darius xerxes at persepolis
Hold 10,000 people M
The victory of king narmer over the delta
Narmer holding enemy head -falcon horus E
Menkaure, Khafre, Khufu
Mastadas for royal family E
The great sphinx
-mans head n lion body -in front khafre -nose chopped off E
Queen nefretete
Akenatens wife -amarna style E
Throne with tutankhamen and queen
-king tut -sun rays descend on pharaoh -amarna style E
Golden coffin of tutankhamen E
3 diff coffins -3rd gold