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  1. Anglican Church
  2. Diet of Worms
  3. Counter Reformation
  4. High Ren
  5. Medici Family
  1. a Henry VII. 1530's, England separates.
  2. b 1512 Martin Luther is excommunicated. Edict of worms is issued by the Pope. Here I stand speech.
  3. c Banking, politics, patrons, platonic academy
  4. d 1475-1550
  5. e Pope Paul II, church reform, Council reform, council of Trent

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  1. 1304-1374 Father of Renaissance, writer, early humanist
  2. mid 1500's-1956
  3. Worldly, Vatican library, sistine chapel
  4. Dutch Humanist, The Praise of Folly, Free will.
  5. Early 1600's. Mathematician, proved Copernicus correct.

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  1. Sir Thomas MorePoet, playwright


  2. Henry VIII1509-1547 Married several times. Created a new religion so he could divorce his old wife and marry someone else.


  3. RaphaelPainter, architect


  4. Martin LutherProtestant Reformation,


  5. Charles V1519-1556. Powerful, Spain, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands.