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  1. Johann Gutenberg
  2. Renaissance
  3. Charles V
  4. Da Vinci
  5. High Ren
  1. a 1450. Printing press, moveable type, sped up the process,
  2. b 1519-1556. Powerful, Spain, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands.
  3. c Scientist, artist, inventor, architect, engineer, musician, etc.
  4. d 1550-1625
  5. e 1475-1550

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  1. Worldly, Vatican library, sistine chapel
  2. 1304-1374 Father of Renaissance, writer, early humanist
  3. Banking, politics, patrons, platonic academy
  4. 1474-1504 Spain becomes an abolute monarch. New World
  5. Painter, architect

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  1. Counter ReformationReforms to church, protestantism, puritanism, basis for concept of capitalism.


  2. Sir Thomas MorePoet, playwright


  3. Diet of Worms1512 Martin Luther is excommunicated. Edict of worms is issued by the Pope. Here I stand speech.


  4. Martin Luther1400-1475


  5. Index of Forbidden Booksmid 1500's-1956


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