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  1. Examus
  2. High Ren
  3. Index of Forbidden Books
  4. Kepler
  5. Charles V
  1. a Dutch Humanist, The Praise of Folly, Free will.
  2. b mid 1500's-1956
  3. c 1519-1556. Powerful, Spain, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands.
  4. d Early 1600's. Mathematician, proved Copernicus correct.
  5. e 1475-1550

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  1. 1513. Wrote The Prince, writer, politician
  2. 1509-1547 Married several times. Created a new religion so he could divorce his old wife and marry someone else.
  3. Reforms to church, protestantism, puritanism, basis for concept of capitalism.
  4. Protestant Reformation,
  5. Helliocentrism, on the revolutions of the celestial spheres. Everything revolves around the sun.

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  1. Diet of WormsWork with Henry VII, Utopia, he was beheaded.


  2. Ferdinand and Isabella1474-1504 Spain becomes an abolute monarch. New World


  3. ShakespeareEarly 1600's. Mathematician, proved Copernicus correct.


  4. HumanismFree thought, free action, naturalism.


  5. Renaissance1550-1625