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1. Harry's tie is narrower
and more colourful
than his brother's
but mine is the narrowest
and the most colourful of all
2. Those pink shoes are not
as expensive as the purple ones
and they are a bit more comfortable
3. Quentin is the cleverest boy
of all and his best friend Jim
is the most sensitive of all
4. The French teacher is
as boring as the German teacher
but the Chemistry teacher
is the most boring of all
5. My brother-in-law Franco's car
is better than mine: it is as expensive as mine but
it's a bit faster and much more ecological. My car is definitely worse
6. Our house is smaller
and much older than
our neighbours'
7. Studying French is easier
than studying Chinese. I think (that)
Chinese is the most difficul
language of all.
8. Doing yoga is not as dangerous as doing karate and it's also
more relaxing
9. Being optimistic is better than
being pessimistic
10. His jumper is heavier than hers