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  1. Upper fifth of motor treat?
  2. Nominal Aphasia
  3. Tremor line treats?
  4. Voluntary movement area treats?
  5. Vertigo and hearing area?
  1. a Can't name objects
  2. b Apraxia -loss of ability to execute or carry earned purposeful movements
  3. c Tinnitus, vertigo, diminished hearing, menier's syndrome
  4. d lower limb and trunk, treats paralysis of lower limb (opp. side)
  5. e Syndenham's chorea, tremors, palsy and related syndromes-Parkinsons

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  1. BTMS-bacon, tomato, mayo sandwich-aka Blood, Tremor, Motor, Sensory
  2. Reproductive area & leg motor & sensory area
  3. Cortical blindness
  4. Abnormal uterine bleeding, combined with leg motor area for prolapsed uterus
  5. Upper limb area, motor treats paralysis of upper limb (opp. side), sensory treats pain, numbness or other paresthsia of upper limb (opp. side)

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  1. Superficial edemaCortical blindness


  2. What scalp line to treat nominal aphasiaSpeech #2


  3. Stomach area treats?Discomfort in upper abdomen


  4. Balance area treats?Discomfort in upper abdomen


  5. What scalp line to treat Receptive AphasiaSpeech #3