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  1. Superficial edema
  2. The two lines are used to treat a prolapsed uterus?
  3. When is just one side of the scalp used in tx?
  4. What scalp line to treat Receptive Aphasia
  5. What 2 lines in scalp are divided into 5th's
  1. a Motor & Sensory
  2. b blood vessels dilations & constriction area that also treats hypertension
  3. c One sided paralysis -use opp. side
  4. d Reproductive area & leg motor & sensory area
  5. e Speech #3

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  1. Facial area + Speech #1, treats upper motor neuron, paralysis of face (opp side), motor aphasia, dribbling saliva, impaired speech, bel's palsy
  2. Tinnitus, vertigo, diminished hearing, menier's syndrome
  3. thoracic cavity area
  4. Speech #2
  5. lower limb and trunk, treats paralysis of lower limb (opp. side)

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  1. Stomach area treats?loss of balance due to cerebellar disorders


  2. Voluntary movement area treats?Apraxia -loss of ability to execute or carry earned purposeful movements


  3. Upper fifth of sensory treat?lower limb and trunk + head, treats low back pain (opp. side), numbness or paresthesia in that area, occipital h/a, stiff neck, vertigo


  4. Order of scalp lines from anterior to posteriorBTMS-bacon, tomato, mayo sandwich-aka Blood, Tremor, Motor, Sensory


  5. Balance area treats?Discomfort in upper abdomen