"Nothing But The Truth" Test

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-Philip is a boy who uses his status as a class clown to joke around and get out of getting his work done because he does not want to put in the effort. He is a lazy type of character who likes to do the bare minimum, and usually only puts his best effort into running track.
-Miss Narwin is a long-time teacher who is a rule follower but still fair with her students. If you put in time and effort, your grade will reflect that. If not, you will get a poor grade. This is what Philip's problem is. Miss Narwin is very passionate about her work; teaching; and what she teaches; literature. She also feels that she has become out of touch with her students and wants to become more contemporary and in-touch with them.
-Dr. Palleni is also a rule follower and a no-nonsense kind of man. He does not see why his private information should be shared, and often says "No comment." or hangs up on reporters. He is probably frustrated with the scenario, and asks Philip to apologize, but he won't. Palleni follows protocol and suspends Philip.
-Dr. Doane was one of Miss Narwin's brightest students. She is the principal of Harrison High, and sometimes does not know what is going on, because she has meetings. She seems nice, but at the end, she turns against Miss Narwin, who regarded her as a friend, and has her take a leave, which Miss Narwin was not anticipating.
-Ted Griffen is a "Let's do it!" kind of guy. He took action when Philip and his father told him about the situation. He also became very passionate about patriotism and the rights of a citizen of our country, and when doing so, lost a lot of the correct facts and information in his whirlwind of passionate speeches.