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cat and cow


mountain pose


child pose

adho-mukha virasana

down-face warrior posture

adho-mukha svasana

down-ward facing dog


corpse pose

salabhasana one

locust pose


cobra pose


standing forward bend

ashva sanchalanasana

high lunge pose

surya namaskar

gentle salute to the sun

urdhva hastasana

standing hands up


cobra pose


tree posture

adho mukha vrkasana

downward face tree pose (preparation for hand stand)

eka pada rajakapotasana

one legged king pigeon pose

virabhadrasana 1

warrier 1 pose

utthita trikonasana

triangle pose

virabhadrasana 2

warrior two pose

prasarita padottanasana

extended leg stretch

supta padangusthasana

reclining big toe pose

setu bandha sarvangasana

bridge pose

ardha matsyendrasana III variation

lord of the fish pose

viparita karani and variations

legs up the wall pose

salamba sarvangasana

supported body posture, variation for beginners (usual shoulder stand)

matsyasana variation

fish posture


the rod (seated legs extended)


intense back of whole body stretch (legs extended lean over)

upavistha konasana

seated angle posture

baddha konasana

bound angular pose

supta baddha konasana

reclining bound angle posture


triangle pose

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