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Anatomy of word building

Elements of a medical term are the

individual parts of the woed

The prefix is

the beginning of some words

The core element of any term is its


Element for the word dermatitis


roots for the medical terms arthroscopy and respiratory

arthr and respir

word element card is an example of


word scopy is an example of


The word element logy is an example of


The plural form of the word for armpit is


The singular form of the term that means a wall dividing two cavities is


The plural form of the word thorax is


The singular form of the word body organ is


Which suffix refers to a doctor with a specialty practice


In the term arthroplasty what is the suffix and what does the suffix mean

The suffix is plasty and it means repair

In the term hypotension, what is the prefix and what does the prefix mean

the prefix is hypo and it means less than normal

In the term endocarditis, what is the root and what does the root mean

The root is card and it means heart

Choose the suffix for the term that means a disease of an organ such as the heart


Choose the correct suffix for the terms that refer to an infection or inflammation


Choose the correct suffix for terms that refer to a visual examination of a body part such as a joint


Choose the correct term that means the structure around the heart


Choose the term means pertaining to the teeth


Choose the correct term that means higher than normal vlood pressure


Which of the following are the roots for the words; gynecology, arthroscopy and hypogastric

gynec,arthro,and gastric

Which word means pertaining to above the stomach


root of a word

every medical term has one

The term gastroscopy means

visual examination of the stomach

two prefixes that are opposites

hyper and hypo

The root of a medical term

The root is the foundation or core of the medical term

prefix meaning around


suffix means inflammation


word with two combining forms


suffix means study of


suffix means repair


suffix to indicate infection or inflammation


example of the use of a prefix in a medical term


term means bleed profusly


suffix that means pertaining to


singular and plural

phalanx and phalanges

suffix means fixation


prefix means below


T or F- Respiratory has the root respir from the German to inhale

False means to breathe

T or F-in the term costovertebral, there are two roots

False- cf=cost/o root=vertebr suffix=al

T or F- The urethra and the ureter are both located in the upper abdomen

False Ureter=lies on posterior abdominal wall
Urethra=anterior to the vaginia

T or False- The epidermal layer is the outer layer of the skin


Dermatitis has the root derrm, from the Greek word for


T or F- In a medical term the suffix is found at the beginning of the word

False it is found at the end

In the term pyrexia, what is the prefix and what does the prefix mean

There is no prefix in this term

T or F- Not all medical terms will have all elements present at the same time

True ex) pyrexia has no prefix

Which word is spelled correctly


Define enter in Gastroenterology

Enter is a root word meaning intestine

T or F- The combing form cannot precede a suffix

False precede means go before and it does

Define dermatitis

Inflammation of the skin

Define Dermatology

The study of the skin

Define Arthrodesis

fixation of a joint

Define Arthroscopy

visual examination of a joint

Define arthritis

inflammation of a joint

Define Pericardium

structure around the heart

Define Hypogastric

pertaining to below the stomach

Define Endogastric

Pertaining to inside the stomach

Define Endocardium

structure inside the heart

Define Epigastric

pertaining to above the stomach

Define Murmur

an abnormal sound heard while listening to the heart while listening to the heart with a stethoscope

Define Pyrexia

an abnormally high body temperture or fever

Define Hyperglycemia

elevated sugar content in the blood

Define Hypertension

elevated blood pressure

Define Hemorrhage

a profuse flow of blood

Define prefix

the beginning of some words

Define Root

the foundation of the word that provides its meaning

Define suffix

the ending of some words

-ology is an example of :

the ending of some words-suffix

Dermat is an example of:

The foundation of the word and provides the meaning-root

Gynec/o is an example of:

The combination of a root and its combining vowel

Endo is an example of:

The beginning of some words-prefix

Arthr/o is an example of:

the combination of a root and a combing vowel

Define combining form

the combination of a root and a comboning vowel

Define Endoscopy

Visualization of the inside of the body

Define Arthroscopy

Visualization of the inside of the joint

Define Gastroscopy

Visualization of the inside of the stomach

Define Carditis

inflammation of the heart

Define Gastritis

inflammation of the stomach

Define Dermatitis

Inflammation of the skin


inflammation of the inside of the heart

Match Migrane with its specialty

treated by a neurologist

Match Heart disease with its specialty

treated by a cardiologist

Match Skin rash with its specialty


Match Stomach pain with its specialty


Match Vaginal infection with its specialty

Treated by a gynecologist

Define peri-


Define endo


Define epi-


Define hypo


Which term is spelled correctly


Which term is spelled correctly


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