Operating Systems: Crash Course Computer Science #18

Operating System (OS)
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Time-sharingEach individual user was only allowed to utilize a small fraction of the computer's processor, memory, and so on.UnixAn operating system originally conceived in 1969 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie of AT&T's Bell Labs.kernelUnix operating system core functionality of the OS, things like memory management, multitasking, and dealing with I/Okernel panicA Linux or OS X error from which it cannot recover, similar to a blue screen of death in Windows.Microsoft's Disk Operating System, or MS-DOSWas just 160 kilobytes, allowing it to fit, as the name suggests, onto a single disk. Though it lacked multitasking and protected memory.blue screen of deathAn error condition in which a PC "freezes" and displays a black screen (blue screen prior to Windows Vista); usually turning the computer off and turning it on again clears the error