Network Services and Security CH1

What two products were the roots of the Microsoft TMG and UAG products?
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RFC ____was a document that discussed viruses on the Internet in 1989 and the need for protection .1135The challenge today is to ability to ____ the user's business needs in a _____ manor.satisfy, secureName the 3 types of firewalls.a Packet Filtering Firewalls b. Circuit-level Firewalls c. Application-layer FirewallAn______ is a list of rules that a packet must pass in order to be forwarded on to the network.ACL(access control list)______ packet inspection uses many common OSI layer 3 and 4 components in determining whether to forward a pack on to the network.statefullAn ______- layer firewall understands commands being sent to running programs on a system.applicationThe TMG will add no delay when scanning for malware and viruses.FalseThe TMG uses a _______ to store logged information.Active DirectoryTMG reports are generated and displayed in ______ format.SQL Server Reporting ServicesThe TMG is not capable of decrypting SSL based communications.FalseThe TMG is equipped with an IPS which is a _________.Intrusion Prevention SystemAn ____is not a replacement to an ____. It is more of an enhancement or extension.IPS , IDS .The TMG has _________which allows a user to securely share internal content externally.Session Initiation Protocol_________is a connectionless protocol that is commonly used for LAN communications such as BootP and firmware updates.TFTP Filter______ is a corporate protocol that allows a single IP address to be shared via a routing device with multiple systemsISP Sharing/FailoverName 2 benefits of using two ISPs connected to your corporate network.a. Fault tolurance b. Load-sharingThe ISA 2006 offered antivirus and anti-malware protection.FalseIAG stands for?Intelligent Application GatewayThe IAG technology was bought fromWhale CommunicationsThe Microsoft IAG server was a _____ solution.hardwareMicrosoft purchased this product because of it's ability to create a VPN using _____SSLTypically what are the 2 protocols used to create a VPN tunnel?a. L2TP b. PPTPThe ___ service is required when using the IAG server.IISThe IAG product basically became the Microsoft ____ product.UAGThe Microsoft UAG server is a _____ solution.SoftwareAccording to the book, what are the 3 primary benefits of UAG over IAG?a. Windows Server 2008 R2,Native 64-Bit b. NAP Integration c. Web Farm Load Balancing.What would be the primary purpose of installing a UAG server?When mobile users need to access company resources while maintaining a secure corporate networkWhat would be the primary purpose of installing a TMG server?Provide publishing of LAN services to WANThe UAG server is designed to be deployed as an ____ device.edgeName the deployments types of the TMG servera. Edge firewall b. 3-leg perimeter c. Back firewall d. Single NIC (proxy/VPN)The edge firewall is designed to the be main LAN ________ attached to the solutionA 3-leg perimeter TMG deployment has __ network cards.3Name the three networks attached to the 3-leg perimeter TMG deployment.a. Internal Network b. External Network c. Perimeter NetworkWhat is another name for a perimeter networkDMZ - Demilitarized ZoneA back TMG firewall is used as an ______ layer of security.additionalIn a back firewall TMG deployment, the perimeter network is ______ between the TMG and another firewall.sandwichedIn a unihomed TMG deployment, there is only____ network card used.1Where would you use a unihomed TMG server?a. reverse proxy, b. forward proxy c. VPN