35 terms

Subjunctive Two

Desear que
To desire that. Sub
Esperar que
To think that. Sub
Exigir que
To demand that. Sub
Mandar que
To command that. Sub
To be happy that. Sub
To be mad that. Sub
Sentir que
To feel that. Sub
Tener celos de que
To be jealous that. Sub
Tener miedo de que
To be scared that. Sub
Estar emocionado que
To be excited that. Sub
Es una lastima que
It is a shame that. Sub
Es sorprendente que
It is a surprise that. Sub
Es una pena que
It is bad that. Sub
Es mejor que
It is better that. Sub
No es verdad que
It is not true that. Sub
Es raro que
It is wierd that. Sub
Es imprescindible que
It is imperative that. Sub
Aconsejar que
To advise that. Sub
Pedir que
To request that. Sub
Sugerir que
To suggest that. Sub
No estar de acuerdo que
To not agree that. Sub
Nobedtar seguro que
It is not sure that. Sub
Dudar que
To doubt that. Sub
Es posible que
It is possible that. Sub
Es logico que
It is logical that. Not
Es verdad que
It is true that. Not
Es cierto que
It is true that. Not
Creer que
It is thought that. Not
Saber que
To know that. Not
Pensar que
To think that. Not
No hay duda que
There is no doubt that. Not
No negar que
It is not denied that. Not
Es claro que
It is clear that. Not
Estar seguro que
It is sure that. Not
Esta comprobado que
It is proven that. Not