Pacific Nations and Territories-Chapter 4


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Traditional stories based on real-life events
Oral Histories
Histories of groups of people told by word of mouth ( not written down)
Racial Studies
Comparison of physical characteristics
DNA Mapping
Comparison of genetic material of different populations to see which groups are related
Customs, tools, beliefs of certain groups of people (Ways of life)
A style of pottery that helps trace migration
Language Studies
Comparison of vocabulary and structure of two languages
Darker skinned hunter-gathers who settled in New Guinea, Bismarck, and the Solomon Islands
Lighter brown skinned farmers that began to intermarry with the Austroloids
Founder Effect (Sampling Error)
Genetic drift that occurs after a small number of individuals colonize a new area
Nonrepresentative sample
A subgroup that differs in important ways from the larger group (or population) to which it belongs