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In vascular families, what is considered the "first order?"

main artery

What procedure does code 32997 report?

Unilateral lung lavage, total

Which of the following is NOT one of the three things you need to know when coding pacemaker procedures?

a. Where the electrode is placed
b. Whether or not radiologic guidance was used
c. The approach used to place the pacemaker
d. Whether it was initial placement or replacemen

b. Whether or not radiologic guidance was used

CABG stands for:

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

What is the code for valvuloplasty of aortic valve; open, with cardiopulmonary bypass?


Which procedure below is NOT bundled into the cardiac catheterization codes?
a. The introduction of the catheter
b. Positioning and repositioning of the catheter
c. The recording of pressures inside the heart or vessels
d. ECG for monitoring the hearts rhythm

d. ECG for monitoring the hearts rhythm

Name the four heart valves:

Aortic, Biscupid (mitral), Tricuspid, Pulomonary

Endoscopy procedures in the Respiratory subsection do not include:

Radiological Guidance

True or False:
Procedures on the heart are found in the Radiology section, Cardiovascular subsection of Surgery, and in the Medicine section.


Which of the following options is TRUE regarding code 30115 Excision of a nasal polyp, extensive?

a. The procedure would normally be performed in an office setting.
b. The procedure would normally be performed in a hospital.
c. The location where this procedure is performed doesn't matter.
d. All of the above

b. The procedure would normally be performed in a hospital.

A surgeon performed a diagnostic nasal endoscopy and performed a nasal endoscopy with biopsy during the same surgical session. The coder reported codes 31231and 31237 on the claim. Where did she go wrong?
a. She failed to use modifier 50 for bilateral procedure
b. She should have only reported 31231
c. She should have only reported 31237 because it says separate procedure
d. She should have reported 31237 because diagnostic endoscopy is included in surgical endoscopy

Your response is: Correct

d. She should have reported 31237 because diagnostic endoscopy is included in surgical endoscopy

True or False:
Electrophysiology is included in pacemaker procedures.


What is component coding?

The use of a radiology code and a code from another CPT section

What is the code for repositioning of a previously implanted pacemaker?


Insertion of a scope into the patient's mouth to view the throat

Direct laryngoscopy

True or False:
The blockage in reversible ischemia cannot be repaired.


What is atherosclerosis?

Blockage due to plaque in an artery

When locating codes for pacemakers, what is the first step in finding the code?

Determine the placement of the electrode

Noninvasive procedures on the heart are located in which section of the CPT manual?

The Medicine Section

Under what subheading of the Respiratory System subsection is a tracheostomy procedure listed?


The codes in the Nose subheading in the Respiratory subsection are for procedures performed on all of the following except:

Sphenoid sinus

The correct code for a diagnostic bronchoscopy?


True or False: Indicator Dilution Studies is one of the three components of coding cardiac catheterization?

False - The three components are injection, placement and imaging.

When is modifier TC reported?

When only the TECHNICAL COMPONENT of a procedure is performed.

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