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FNR 25150 - Quiz #1

Terms in this set (41)

Chorioallantoic - "true" placenta with villi

Trophoblast - embryonic contribution of cells to placenta
- delayed rejection of tissue = longer gestation

Precocial (more developed) young (for mammals)

Corpus callosum - hemisphere integrating bundle of nervouse fibers

SuperOrder Xenarthra (= Edentata)

Order Pilosa = sloths, anteaters

Order Cingulata = armadillos
- Low metabolic rates (live slower lifestyle)
- Only anteaters lack teeth
- Teeth lack enamel

Order Insectivora now split
Afrocoricida - tenrecs
Erinaceomorpha - hedgehogs (old world)
Soricomorpha - shrews & moles (venomous)

Order Dermoptera (2 species)
(colugos) or skin wings SE Asia
Patagium (fold of skin)
Glide 100 m drop 10 m

Order Chiroptera (1116 species)
(bats) only flying mammal
Many use echolocation foraging

Order Primates 402 species
(lemurs, monkeys, apes, humans)

Order Carnivora (286 species)
distributed world wide
on land and in oceans
(dogs, cats, weasels, bears, hyenas,
mongooses, civets, pinnipeds)

Order Cetacea 84 species
(whales, dolphins)
toothed whales (odontocetes)
baleen whales (mysticetes)

Order Proboscidea 2 or 3 species
(elephants) 3' & 200 lbs @ birth
10.5' & 6 tons with ears @ 110 lbs

Order Perissodactyla 17 species
Odd-toed ungulates
(horses, rhinos, tapirs)

Order Artiodactyla 240 species
Even-toed ungulates (game & domestic)
(pigs, peccaries, hippos, camels, giraffes, deer, antelope, sheep, goats, cattle)
Miocene increase

Order Lagomorpha 84 species
(rabbits, hares, pikas)
cursorial or mini ungulates

Order Rodentia (2,273 species)
(squirrels, gophers, kangaroo rats, voles, porcupines, capybara)
Every continent but Antarctica