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  1. built many pyramids, show-offs, Great pyramids of Giza
    2660-2180 b.c.e.
  2. gain wealth, mighty force
    became conquerers
    developed empire
  3. time of strong pharoahs
    trade increased with middle east (mesopotamia)
    made canal
  4. friends with hyksos
    both lighter skin tone
    got enslaved

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  1. thutmose the 3rd(stepson takes over)
    sends an exhibition to the city of punt
    married her brother
    (thutmose the second)


  2. piankhithey fight the egyptians(who are lead by ramses)
    around 1400


  3. hittiesfriends with hyksos
    both lighter skin tone
    got enslaved


  4. ramseswas a pharaoh
    built many temples
    had wealth, power, big ego
    was moses brother