45 terms

valvular disease

valve stenosis
stiff valve, only small opening
causes ventricular hyptertrophy
vavle regurgitation
incomplete closure of valve
causes backflow of blood
closure of mitral valve; left ventrical contraction
closure aortic valve; left vertricular pressure drops
rapid vent filling (early diastole)
atrial contraction (last diastole)
aortic valve heard
right upper sternal border
pulmonic valve heard
left upper sternal border
tricuspid valve heard
lower left sternal border
mitral valve heard
apex (same place at V5&6 lead placement)
Systolic murmurs
mitral regurg, aortic stenosis
Aortic stenosis sound and quality
crescendo-decrescendo, harsh
aortic stenosis radiates to
neck and apex
Most common significant murmur
aortic stenosis
Etiology of Aortic stenosis
Congenital, clacified valve, rheumatic
Sx of aortic stenosis
angina, syncope, CHF
Pulmonic stenosis sound and quality
crescendo-decrescendo, maybe harsh
pulmonic stenosis radiates to
neck and shoulder
etiology of pulmonic stenosis
Mitral regurgitation sound and quality
holosystolic, high pitched and blowing
mitral regurg. radiates to
left axilla
etiology of mitral regurg
MI, rheumatic, ruptured cordae
sx of mitral regurg
pulm edema, low ejection fraction
Tricuspid regurg sound and quality
holosystolic, high pitched and harsh
tricuspid regurg radiates to
tricuspid etiology
Rt. vent hypertrophy, infective carditis
COPD commonly causes?
tricuspid regurg
harsh systolic murmur, louder with valsalva
diastolic murmur
sound after S2, **ALWAYS pathalogical until proven otherwise
Aortic regurg sound and quality
decrescendo, bounding pulse
etiology aortic regurg
rheumatic, infective endocarditits, HTN, aortic root dz
What type of murmur is seen in Marfans'?
Aortic regurgitation
sx aortic regurg
exertional dyspnea, fatigue
pulmonic regurg sound
etiology pulmonic regurg
pulm HTN
Mitral stenosis sound and quality
dcrescendo-crescendo, loud S1
etiology of mitral stenosis
rheumatic, calcifcation, congenital, collagen vasc. dz
sx of mitral stenosis
exertional dyspnea, orthopnea, hemoptysis
tricuspid stenosis sound and quality
rumble with inspiration
etiology of tricuspid regurg
rheumatic, carcinoid dz, h/o valve repair
sx of tricuspid regurg
Rt. HF, hepatomegaly, ascites, dependent edema
continous murmers
patent ductus arteriosus, venous hum, coarctation of aorta
Infective endocarditis
infection of endocardial lining and valves
what bacteria often cuases infective endocartditis
staph in IV drug users
Risks for infective endocarditis
congenital malformation of valve, h/o surgery, IV drug use, venous or urinary cathater