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  1. King Narmer
  2. Delta
  3. circa 3000 B.C.
  4. Deity
  5. Hatshepsut
  1. a
    god or goddess
  2. b
    triangle shaped fertile area at the mouth of a river
  3. c Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by King Menes (a/k/a King Narmer)
  4. d King Menes' other name
  5. e c. 1500 B.C.; first female pharaoh of both Upper and Lower Egypt; famous as builder and for trade

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  1. Era between the Old and the New Kingdoms

  2. upper class person; aristocrat; hoity-toity
  3. Unimportant, but useful, Pharaoh
  4. Religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians

  5. belief in, and worship of, many gods

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  1. c. 300 BCRome conquers Egypt; Pharaoh Cleopatra and ancient Egypt come to an end.


  2. PtolemyAlexander's general who made himself pharaoh, and started Ptolemaic Dynasty (which ended with Cleopatra)


  3. Desert
    dry or arid region with little or no vegetation


  4. Monarch
    type of government with a powerful, hereditary ruler


  5. Pharaoh
    huge stone tomb for a pharaoh (or queen); greatest are at Giza


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