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  1. Mummy
  2. Technology
  3. Nubia
  4. Pharaoh
  1. a
    tools and skills people use to meet their basic needs
  2. b
    body which has been preserved and wrapped in linen
  3. c
    ancient Egyptian king
  4. d Region located south of Egypt; a/k/a Kush; traded extensively with Egypt (ivory, ebony, gold); copied Egyptian culture (e.g., pyramids)

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  1. system of organizing time to indicate dates, days, weeks, months, etc.

  2. Unfree person; a person who is owned by another person and works without pay
  3. Important for farming; flooding improved grain production for storage and trade

  4. type of government with a powerful, hereditary ruler
  5. King Menes' other name

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  1. Deity
    god or goddess


  2. Century
    god or goddess


  3. Millennium
    belief in, and worship of, many gods


  4. papyrusSon of Osiris; head of a falcon; god of the living, the sun, and the sky


  5. HorusGod of the harvest, eternal life, laws, farming