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  1. Tutankhamun
  2. Monarch
  3. Dynasty
  4. Calendar
  5. c. 300 BC
  1. a a line or series of rulers from a single family
  2. b Egypt conquered by Greeks (Alexander the Great)
  3. c
    system of organizing time to indicate dates, days, weeks, months, etc.
  4. d
    ruler of a monarchy; e.g., king, queen, pharaoh
  5. e Unimportant, but useful, Pharaoh

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  1. Hereditary king; god; priest; tax collector; judge
  2. Hieroglyphics (picture writing)

  3. cultivating land and/or raising stock

  4. huge stone tomb for a pharaoh (or queen); greatest are at Giza
  5. Helped Egypt grow and prosper; extended up and down the Nile (e.g., with Nubia), as well as around the eastern Mediterranean (e.g., with Greece and the Minoans on Crete)

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  1. Polytheistic
    belief in, and worship of, many gods


  2. King NarmerImportant for farming; flooding improved grain production for storage and trade


  3. HorusSon of Osiris; head of a falcon; god of the living, the sun, and the sky


  4. circa 5000 B.C.1st settlements along the Nile


  5. Ramses IIGod of the harvest, eternal life, laws, farming