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Romanesque European painting

Romanesque painting

-Not different from old style really
-Each monastery had their own school/style of art
-Has written texts to explain the paintings to eliminate any misinterpretations
-Before 1150 you see multiple colors, after 1150, all were in black and/or red

Tree of Jesse and Theotokos (mother of God) with Old Testament typology
Citeaux Lectionary
Cistercian Abbey ca. 1130

-Restrictive color palette, bold outlines in drapes
-Didn't believe in mixing colors in wild ways
-Neutral ground, lots of blank space
-Labeling everything, even the obvious Mary and Jesus
-Strong vertical axis, has an x shape, strong triangle in bottom
-Mary is breast feeding Jesus, like Egyptian art with Isis feeding ?

Difference in New and Old Testament Depictions

-New Testament signs took precedence
-Made sure it was obvious that the New Testament is Christ fulfilling things

Stavelot Portable Altar
Mosan Region, ca. 1160

-Enamel (raised ground enamel) is used (gilded copper)
-Enamel is opaque, so we know it's not gold or silver
-Altar was portable, used typology, scenes of Christ sacrifice, starting with the last supper
-Old testament types surrounding a relic (left, Isaac being led to be sacrificed, right Moses facing serpents)
-Ecclesia=representing New Testament
-Sinagoga= represents Old Testament, shown blind

Worcester Chronicle
England ca 1140

-From Canterbury
-Uses bold colors
-Depicts interior life of the king, has the 3 orders of middle age society

Eadwine the Scribe at Work
Canterbury ca. 1160-1170

-Page is from a book of psalms
-Scribe working on a bound book, which didn't happen then?
-Not sure if Eadwine helped or not

Self-portrait of Guda the Nun
Book of Homilies Germany 12th century

-Author/scribe put herself in the page

Dedication page with the painter Hildebertus and his assistant Everwinus
Bohemia ca. 1140

-Artist put himself and his assistant in the page

The painter Hildebertus and his assistant Everwinus
Bohemia ca. 1140

-Everwinus was given to the mastery
-Humorous scene
0Shows Hildebertus trying to kill a rat eating his food, while Everwinus is practicing painting

Pattern Book

-Finished product sent to other monasteries to give them ideas on how to paint

Altar frontal from La Seu d'Urgell (Catalonia)
ca. 1125-1150

-Similar in a way to coptic painting (visually anyway)

Wall Paintings from the Parish Church of St. Clement in Taüll (Catalonia) ca. 1123
specifically: Christ in Majesty

Moses and the Burning Bush with Gerlachus the Painter
Germany ca. 1150

-When stain glass 1st develops

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