Chapter 2 Level 1 - Indigenous Religions of North America


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Which of the following is FALSE?
There is one form of Native American religion.
The essential teachings of Native American religions are often found in
sacred narratives or myths
The god Quetzalcoatl is recognized in
Aztec religion
What is the Popol Vuh?
A Mayan creation narrative
Which of the following is an important method of healing?
Who was Black Elk?
Famous Lakota religious leader
The Pueblo peoples are from
Southwestern United States
Sandpainting has been used as a healing rite by
Navajo peoples
Which of the following is a rite of passage?
Both A and B - The Kinaalda & The Vision Quest
Who was Wovoka?
The founder of the second Ghost Dance.
The indigenous religions of North America are all essentially the same.
The Kinaalda is a rite of passage for young Lakota women.
Mythic narratives may contain stories about creation, supreme beings, and humanity.
Changing Woman is an important figure in Navajo religious tradition.
Among the Pueblo peoples, ancestral spirits are known as kachinas.
Black Elk was a famous Cherokee religious leader.
Today, the only people interested in Native American religions are Native peoples
The population of the Americas was decimated after the arrival of Europeans.
In the Sun Dance, the central cottonwood tree is a kind of
axis mundi
The Navajo teach of a ______________, which is a spiritual force that inhabits every element of creation.
holy wind
The god Quetzalcoatl, of the _____________ people, is often depicted as a feathered serpent, and was thought to possess the sacred power of creation.
___________________ Woman is an important figure in Navajo sacred narratives.
Changing Woman created the first Navajo ______________ from her own body.
Among the _____________ peoples, ancestral spirits are known as kachinas.
The ________________ is an important rite of passage for Navajo girls.
_________________ may use religious knowledge to cure physical and mental illnesses.
What are mythic narratives important to North American religions? What kinds of topics or themes are addressed?
Popol Vuh, Holy People and Changing Woman are among those myths. The Popol Vuh contains stories about creation, the exploits of the gods and the first humans. Sometimes these creation stories describe the ancestors of humans known as Holy People, who lived stressful and conflict ridden life underground. The Changing Woman gave birth to heroic twins, who prepared way for humanity by vanquishing monsters that roamed the earth. The Changing Woman created the first Navajo people from her own body.
What is a rite of passage? Describe two examples of rites of passage from Native North American religions.
A rite of passage are rituals that mark the transition from one social stage to another. Two examples of this are Kinaalda and vision quest. The Kinaalda marks a Navajo girl's transition to adulthood. A vision quest is the attempt by an individual to communicate with the spirit world.
What happened to Native American peoples and religions during European colonization of the Americas?
Indigenous populations were devastated by disease and warfare, forced to move far away from their ancestral homelands and sometimes enslaved or indentured to work for the colonists. Native American children were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to boarding schools where they were taught the "errors" of their cultural and religious ways. Some children were adopted by white families and raised in Mormon or other Christian traditions. However, even when Native peoples identified as Christians, indigenous religious traditions were never entirely eradicated.