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Professor Hagel - Ventura College

Michelangelo's The Cross-Legged Captive is an example of __________ sculpture.


All but one of the following materials can be used for casting. Which one cannot?


__________ is very likely the most demanding type of sculpture because the artist must have a clear
concept of the final product from the very beginning of the process.


Sherry Levine's Fountains after Duchamp pays homage to Marcel Duchamp's original Dada
"readymade" and is a classic example of __________.

appropriation art

In sculptural works such as Three Figures and Four Benches, George Segal produces plaster replicas of
people who seem very __________.


Louise Nevelson said, "I began using found objects. I had all this wood lying around and I began to
move it around, I began to compose." Nevelson's compositions are considered __________.


Wood has more tensile strength than stone, meaning that it can be __________ more.

bent and stretched

Due to its __________, clay is frequently used to make three-dimensional preparatory sketches for other


In his Apollo and Daphne, the Italian Baroque sculptor Bernini captured the softness of flesh and the
textures of hair, leaves, and bark, thereby showing us the potential of __________ as a sculptural


Referring to sculptures such as __________, art critic Robert Hughes said such works were "everything
that statues had not been: not monolithic, but open, not cast or carved, but assembled from flat planes."

Picasso's Mandolin and Clarinet

Claes Oldenburg's Soft Toilet elevates an everyday object to a work of art and forces us to rethink its
function in society. This is an example of __________.

Pop art

Made from the seat and handlebars of an old bicycle, __________ is probably the best known
assemblage of all time

Picasso's Bull Head

The Simon Rodia Towers in Watts, coated with glass, tile, shells, and dishes, took 33 years to erect. It an
example of a(n) __________.

mixed media assemblage

The American sculptor __________ was one of the early pioneers of the __________, the first form of
art that made motion a basic element.

Calder; mobile

Edgar Degas' The Little Dancer was exhibited as a wax model in 1881 and later produced in


Concerning his Cluster of Four Cubes, George Rickey wrote, "The cubes glide, nearly brushing one
another in an intricate and graceful dance that belies their apparent bulk." This is an example of a

kinetic sculpture

Light sculptor Dan Flavin primarily designs using __________.

fluorescent tubes

Janine Antoni's 600-pound cube, titled Gnaw, is made of __________ and sculpted by __________.

chocolate; teeth

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