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  1. everyday and every day
  2. fewer instead of less
  3. desert instead of dessert
  4. dyeing instead of dying
  5. emigrant and immigrant
  1. a refers to a number instead of refering to an amount
  2. b one who goes from one place and one who goes to another place
  3. c coloring of materials instead of expiring
  4. d adjective and adverb
  5. e a deserved reward or punishment instead of the sweet course served at the end of a meal

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  1. at or to a more distant point instead of to a greater extent, in addition
  2. verb. draperies is the correct noun form
  3. colloquial when used for person
  4. colloquial for to disturb or agitate, most commonly negative
  5. Latin for and other things, not preceded by and, not a catch-all expression

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  1. each other instead of one anothertwo people instead of more than two people


  2. equally asomit either word, never use both


  3. fixverb meaning to make firm, colloquial when it means a bad condition


  4. formally instead of formerlyin a formal manner instead of at a former time


  5. finecolloquial when used for general approval