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  1. enormity
  2. drapes
  3. forego instead of forgo
  4. disinterested
  5. emigrant and immigrant
  1. a verb. draperies is the correct noun form
  2. b to precede or go before instead of to give up or relinquish
  3. c unbiased, impartial, often confused with uninterested which means lacking interest
  4. d one who goes from one place and one who goes to another place
  5. e great wickedness or outrageous act, not a size

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  1. to exhibit ostentatiously or show off instead of to show contempt for, to scorn
  2. contraction of do not, don't say "he don't"
  3. two people instead of more than two people
  4. shouldn't be used for because of. should be used after a noun or linking verb
  5. refers to a number instead of refering to an amount

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  1. fact thatwordy and redundant, omit


  2. fellowcolloquial when used for person


  3. feelverb meaning to make firm, colloquial when it means a bad condition


  4. different thangood writers use different from


  5. disburse instead of disperseto pay out or spend instead of to scatter


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