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  1. fellow
  2. don't
  3. enthuse and enthused
  4. fewer instead of less
  5. disburse instead of disperse
  1. a to pay out or spend instead of to scatter
  2. b colloquial when used for person
  3. c contraction of do not, don't say "he don't"
  4. d refers to a number instead of refering to an amount
  5. e colloquial and always unacceptable in writing

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  1. plural of datum, refers to a body of facts or figures
  2. verb. draperies is the correct noun form
  3. unbiased, impartial, often confused with uninterested which means lacking interest
  4. at or to a more distant point instead of to a greater extent, in addition
  5. in a formal manner instead of at a former time

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  1. dyeing instead of dyingto exhibit ostentatiously or show off instead of to show contempt for, to scorn


  2. equally ascolloquial for examination


  3. examLatin for and other things, not preceded by and, not a catch-all expression


  4. expectcolloquial for examination


  5. forego instead of forgoto precede or go before instead of to give up or relinquish