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  1. each other instead of one another
  2. due to
  3. disinterested
  4. desert instead of dessert
  5. enormity
  1. a a deserved reward or punishment instead of the sweet course served at the end of a meal
  2. b two people instead of more than two people
  3. c unbiased, impartial, often confused with uninterested which means lacking interest
  4. d great wickedness or outrageous act, not a size
  5. e shouldn't be used for because of. should be used after a noun or linking verb

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  1. coloring of materials instead of expiring
  2. good writers use different from
  3. colloquial when used for general approval
  4. wordy and redundant, omit
  5. colloquial and always unacceptable in writing

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  1. flaunt instead of floutrefers to a number instead of refering to an amount


  2. farther instead of furtherat or to a more distant point instead of to a greater extent, in addition


  3. fewer instead of lessrefers to a number instead of refering to an amount


  4. expectto look forward to or forsee, not suspect or suppose


  5. definitelyused to mean very or quite, avoid it, lacks accuracy