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  1. flaunt instead of flout
  2. fine
  3. don't
  4. everyday and every day
  5. formally instead of formerly
  1. a colloquial when used for general approval
  2. b in a formal manner instead of at a former time
  3. c adjective and adverb
  4. d contraction of do not, don't say "he don't"
  5. e to exhibit ostentatiously or show off instead of to show contempt for, to scorn

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  1. a deserved reward or punishment instead of the sweet course served at the end of a meal
  2. to precede or go before instead of to give up or relinquish
  3. verb. draperies is the correct noun form
  4. good writers use different from
  5. omit either word, never use both

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  1. due toshouldn't be used for because of. should be used after a noun or linking verb


  2. emigrant and immigrantone who goes from one place and one who goes to another place


  3. definitelycolloquial when used for general approval


  4. enormitygreat wickedness or outrageous act, not a size


  5. fixcolloquial when used for general approval