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What really counts (story) - Idioms


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He saw the error of his ways
Tom now understood that he was wrong. He ___ ___ ______ __ ___ ____
as happy as larry
Jill is so content. She's __ _____ __ _____
a full and vivacious life
John has so many friends and family. He´s got a ____ ___ _________ ____
on top of the world
Sally has just got a 10 in the writing exam. She feels __ ___ __ ___ _____
pine for
George can't help but ____ ___ the new Spiderman game on PS4. He would love to play it but can't afford it.
cake and eat it too
I really want to go to the football game but I also want to go to my sister's party. I want to have my ____ ___ ___ __ ___
take me for granted
You always ____ __ ___ _______! I make you dinner every night and you never thank me!
a leaf out of your brother's book
You need to take _ ____ ___ __ ____ ________ ____. He has a good social life but also makes time to study.
the bull by the horns
Listen. You are not going to solve the problem by talking to me about it. Take ___ ____ __ ___ _____ and go and ask her out!
against the clock
Laia was working _______ ___ _____. There was only 10 minutes left of the exam and she was nowhere near finished.
the grass is always greener (on the other side)
I try to appretiate what I have but I envy other people too. The grass __ ______ _______ __ ___ _____ ____
blows my mind
It _____ __ ____ how much money she spends on clothes every month!
Getting to your 50th wedding anniversary is reaching a really big _________
Better late than never
Sorry this birthday card is late. ______ ____ ____ _____ I guess!
his act together
If Jonny didn't get ___ ___ ________ soon he was going to miss the plane!
so far so good
So ___ __ ____ with this cake recipe but it seems to get a bit more complicated
saving for a rainy day
My grandfather hardly ever spends money. He is ______ ___ _ _____ ___
to sit on the fence
Stop _______ __ ___ _____ and make up your mind, won't you?
make something of herself
Betty really wanted to be successful in her career so she went to the USA to ____ _________ __ _______
to get ahead (in life)
Some people have more opportunities to ___ _____ __ ____ than others. They have more fruitful careers and seem more content.
career focused
Stella is very ______ _______. All she does is talk about work.
to be a couch potato
During the week I run around everywhere but on a Sunday I'm a total _____ ______
to walk your own path
You don't have to do what others tell you. You can ____ ____ ___ ____
to be a peace with herself
She never seems to let things get to her. She's at _____ ____ _______