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ETE 115-Final

Various groups of educators define the term ʺstandardsʺ in different ways. All of the following are accepted definitions, EXCEPT:
Standards are vague enough to be interpreted in many different ways.
an instructional approach, standards-based education places which of the following at the center?
student learning
The Cedar Creek Business Owner's Association has asked you to make a presentation to the Education Standards Committee of the school district. Like most business leaders, the group will emphasize the need for high school graduates who
are ready for work by being able to read, write, and compute.
The State Representatives for the area have asked you to make a presentation to the Education Standards Committee of the Cedar Creek School District. Like most policymakers, they will emphasize the need for high school graduates who
achieve at higher levels than students in other countries
The Parents Association at Cedar Creek High School has asked you to make a presentation to the Education Standards Committee of the school district. All of the following would be emphasized by most parents, EXCEPT:
The students achieve at levels equal to students in other countries
Recognizing that standards-based education requires the involvement of various stakeholders, it would be appropriate for the Los Alamos School District to invite all of the following to be part of the development and transition to a new curriculum, EXCEPT:
city council members
World-class standards are
visionary statements of aspiration and accomplishment at high levels
It is impossible for the results of any standardized test of achievement to accurately reflect student achievement unless which of the following type of standards are in place?
The Green Meadows School District is concerned about the low level of achievement by its students. Consultants in the district have developed opportunity-to-learn standards that match state tests. In order for the standards to be translated into improved student achievement, the most critical help the district can provide would be
teacher inservice to help teachers fine-tune instructional techniques
All of the following conditions must accompany opportunity-to-learn standards in order to assist in improvements in student achievement, EXCEPT:
procedures to exempt low achieveing students from testing
Some sets of standards include dispositions such as
the habits and inclinations that should be nurtured in students
The first set of national content standards was developed by the
the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
No Child Left Behind requires all states to have standards for what a child should know and learn for all grades in
mathematics, reading, and science
No Child Left Behind requires that by 2013 all schools must demonstrate that every student must
be at the proficiency level for their grade level
As standards- based education is implemented, teachers must transition from
dispenser of knowledge to coach and facilitator
of the following changes are required when linking assessment to standards, EXCEPT:
eliminating the use of grades
When assessments are interwoven into standards, the assessments become
much more varied and meaningful to teachers and students
The term assessment is derived from the Latin, assessio, which means to
sit beside
Some theorists believe that all true assessment is ultimately
Formative assessment is used to
measure what a student has learned so feedback can be provided
Summative evaluation is used to
make final judgments about whether a certain level of accomplishment has been attained
The ACT and SAT tests are examples of what kind of assessment?
Student essays, projects, portfolios, journals, and observation checklists are
measures the assessors use to provide feedback
Mai-Lin notices that some of her students are not able to obtain the correct answers to the mathematical problems they are working on in a particular unit. In order to determine what specific difficulties are preventing them from solving the problems, Mai-Lin should design and administer a
diagnostic assessment
Norm-referenced tests do all of the following, EXCEPT
provide an accurate picture of what a student knows and can do
Senator Foghorn is incensed that a group of students in the Deer Valley School District have performed below the fiftieth percentile on a test administered to all students. He demands that the schools be penalized for the results. However, the senator is misguided in his complaints because it is impossible for all students to achieve above the fiftieth percentile on tests that are
A good example of a capstone/summative assessment is
student teaching
Gordana Jovanoski teaches electricity and electronics and Explorer High School. She requires her students to assemble and demonstrate a laser transit by surveying a construction site near the school. This task is best considered as an example of a
proficiency-based assessment
Students can best demonstrate the standards they can meet in real world settings through
authentic assessments
Research shows that the types of questions students are asked
determines the academic culture of a classroom
Analytic rubrics are useful because they do all of the following, EXCEPT
allow for unexpected deviations from the stated criteria
Ethical behavior on the part of teachers is particularly important because
students have no choice about associating with teachers
One of the most common complaints heard from students is the refrain, "That's not fair!" When designing assessments, fairness refers to the care taken to:
elimination of biases that would disadvantage a certain segment of the population
An assessment is considered valid when it:
actually measures what it is intended to measure
The success of the program at a particular school is best determined through
multiple assessments
The heavy focus on testing by administering the same assessments to every student contradicts all of the following long standing beliefs about education in the United States, EXCEPT
all students need to be familiar with certain knowledge and concepts
Increased teacher burdens that result from implementing the new assessment approaches can best be reduced through
collaboration with colleagues
Critics of No Child Left Behind argue that proficiency tests used to hold teachers accountable fail to take into account certain factors. All of the following are cited by critics as one of the factors, EXCEPT:
specific knowledge
Since students who perform poorly on state tests disproportionately come from low-income families, many researchers have concluded that the tests actually are measures of
socioeconomic status
There is a growing trend to include performance assessments, such as PACT and TWS, for teacher candidates. Both of these assessments require teachers to do all of the following assessment tasks involving their students, EXCEPT:
utilize data collected to determine how the students compare with one another
The curriculum specialists of the Blind River School District have organized the curriculum so that key content is taught at various grade levels with concepts and applications geared to the interests and abilities of the students in the grades in question. This curriculum design is known as
In the United States, a subject-centered curriculum
was in place in the earliest schools
Schools in the United States have sometimes been criticized for the tendency to teach according to an analogy that compares the curriculum to a river that is a mile wide and an inch deep. This analogy most closely resembles a curriculum design that emphasizes
memorizing as much content as possible
All of the following are usually considered co-curricular activities EXCEPT:
science labs
The Libertyville School District is facing a budget crunch because of the loss of several local industries. One of the school board members has suggested cutting the music program and athletics to free up money for the core areas. Another member vigorously opposes the move because it has been shown that
many students attend school so they can participate in these activities
Felipe Vasquez is preparing for his first year as a science teacher. When he arrives at the school, he should expect to be provided with all of the following EXCEPT:
assessments to be administered
Groups who oppose the cutting of old-growth forests and who want to influence the curriculum have the greatest chance of success if they apply pressure on
state legislatures
One of the dangers of high-stakes testing is that students will not
have opportunities to learn critical topics not covered on the tests
Rachael Stern teaches fourth grade at Arlington Elementary School. She regularly examines the curriculum guides and syllabi for the grades above and below the fourth grade. This is a sound practice because she will be able to
see how what she is teaching relates to what students learned previously and are expected to learn next year
Some states have programs based on documents called Curriculum Frameworks. These documents are organized around
the big ideas for each subject area
Classroom teachers have the major responsibility for all of the following EXCEPT:
selection of the curriculum
The School Improvement Committee of Shady Acres Middle School is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
administration of achievement tests to students
The concept of linking the success or failure of students to achieve to the performance of the classroom teacher is opposed to the beliefs of:
teacher associations
Community priorities have the greatest effect on the value placed on which of the following in a school?
the marching band and football team
The teachers at Thunder Ridge High School strongly subscribe to the belief that all students can learn. As a result, they will support all of the following EXCEPT:
aptitude tests determine what courses counselors advise students to take
If each teacher were allowed to choose his or her own curriculum
there would be a lack of continuity in the system
The legal responsibility to establish standards is at the level of
each individual state
One problem of statewide textbook selection procedures in large states is:
pressure groups and politicians can effectively influence content
Organizing secondary schools into departments provides all of the following advantages EXCEPT:
decreasing the emphasis on particular content
The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is designed to
indicate how well students are doing in each state
At the beginning of class, Krista Bielecki displayed the following on the SmartBoard, By the end of this class, students will measure objects and calculate their areas and volumes. This statement is an example of a(n)
"Students should specify locations and describe spatial relationships using coordinate geometry and other representational systems." This statement is an example of a(n)
Martin Greenway presented his students with the following objective, Students will participate in a jigsaw activity to investigate the reasons for the great depression. After giving a test that three-quarters of the students failed, Martin was heard to say, Well I did my job. No one can say that the objective wasn't met during class. Which of the following best describes the situation outlined?
Martin is correct because the objective is an input statement
Sanela Baric presented her students with the following objective, By the end of class, students will identify the verbs in various French sentences and convert them from the present tense to the past tense. After the lesson, Sanela gave a test and found that seventy-five percent of her students failed. She remarked to her colleague, No one can say that the objective wasn't met. I did my best in teaching the lesson. Which of the following statements best represents the situation?
Sanela is incorrect since the objective is an output statement
All of the following are true of Bloom's Taxonomy EXCEPT:
memorization and recall represent the highest levels of achievements
Which of the following lists the levels of the revised version of Bloom's Taxonomy on the correct order from the simplest to the most complex?
remember, comprehend, apply, analyze, evaluate, create
The following question appeared on Ms. Longstreet's World History examination. ʺCompare and contrast the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities in World War I and World War II.ʺ This question is at which level of the revised version of Bloom's Taxonomy?
The effort to produce a taxonomy of educational objectives of the affective domain was spearheaded by
David Krathwohl
Direct instruction can take all of the following forms EXCEPT:
completing a laboratory experiment
When Dr. Gregory House and his team work together to diagnose unusual symptoms in patients, they are engaging in the learning strategy that was first developed in medical schools and is know today as
model-centered instruction
Lakeisha Mutuma divided her class into cooperative groups of four. She gave each group a piece of thick cardboard and asked each team to design and build a rigid container that would hold the greatest number of hard-boiled eggs of standard size. The task that Lakeisha has designed is an example of
problem-based learning
Research on cooperative learning strategies has shown that student improvement occurs in all of the following EXCEPT:
competitive drive
Jordan is beginning his first year as a certified teacher. He is a strong believer in differentiated instruction and is fully aware that students in his class will exhibit a range of responses from immediate mastery, through misconceptions, to complete confusion following his initial lesson. He knows that his best chance of reaching the students who have mastery is to
design follow-up learning activities based on the group's needs
Jordan is beginning his first year as a certified teacher. He is a strong believer in differentiated instruction and is fully aware that students in his class will exhibit a range of responses from immediate mastery, through misconceptions, to complete confusion following his initial lesson. He knows that his best chance of reaching the confused students is to
reteach the content using a totally different instructional method
Matthew Stephen is aware that his students will be able to learn better if they work together in small groups while utilizing technology. Research has proven that this positive difference will occur as long as all of the following factors are taken into account, EXCEPT:
their prior levels of cognitive achievement need to match closely
Chumani Stonefish has obtained a position as a teacher of English Language Learners. She has been reading about strategies for these students and has discovered that all of the following have been found to be successful EXCEPT:
direct instruction
The first step contributing to the success of students with special needs is the
development of appropriate personal attitudes
Mina Stolarski is beginning the year in a classroom with several mainstreamed students with special needs. The best way for her to encourage the students in her class to value and respect diversity is for her to
value and respect all of the students in the class herself
Approaches to school reform are most successful when all of the following have been considered EXCEPT:
the principal or a particular staff members is chosen to implement the process
A successful school improvement process
involves a yearly cycle
If you are to be a successful, high-quality teacher, then your number one concern must be to
work toward improving the learning of all your students
The tendency for new teachers is to focus most on
the details of the moment
In an attempt to prevent problems of focusing on the here and now as opposed to seeing the big picture in education, Sashkin and Egermeier developed a model for understanding educational change. According to this model, there are a number of "levers" that have been used in reform attempts. These levers include all of the following, EXCEPT:
fix the classroom
According to Sashkin and Egermeier, attempts to effect educational change over the last thirty plus years have fallen into four categories. Present efforts are centered in which of the four phases?
fix the system
Denise Petras is principal of Mesa Verde High School. She wants to improve student learning in her school. She knows that the place to start is to base her efforts on research. Denise is aware that studies during the 1970s proved that there were strong correlations between student test results and
teacher behavior
Research that led to the formation of the Effective Schools model showed that the schools shared all of the following characteristics, EXCEPT:
extensive test-prep strategies
A frequent result of attempts to improve the disaggregated test scores of students is:
a reduction in learning time of two or more months to allow for test preparation
As a result of the movement toward public ranking of schools based on test scores, which of the following scenarios is the most likely for two middle schools in the neighboring school districts?
staff members of the two schools develop their own programs
The U.S. Census Bureau defines drop-outs from the school system as individuals who are not enrolled in and have not completed high school and are between the ages of
16 and 24
Madelyn Weinberg is a sixth grade teacher at Elm Street Middle School. She has just returned from a workshop to help her identify early signs that indicate a high risk of dropping-out. Research has shown that she should look for all of the following signs, EXCEPT:
failing grade in social studies
One way that a school can help reduce future drop-outs from the educational system is to:
create smaller schools within large schools to foster a feeling of belonging
High-quality schools use data from student achievement to make instructional and budgetary decisions
The most effective School Improvement Plans are developed by
a committee of staff and administrators
Elizabeth Patterson is a new teacher in an isolated community where there are no other teachers with the same grade level as hers. Although she is physically isolated from colleagues she knows that she will be able to seek advice and assistance for her personal questions as part of a "virtual professional learning community" through all of the following EXCEPT:
encyclopedias on CDs
As Tracey MacFie begins her teaching career she recognizes that she will become part of a professional learning community. As part of this concept, she should
be seen by her students as a life-long learner
A professional learning community would exhibit all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:
a focus on using tried-and-true classical strategies
Lyndsay Purcell is the principal of Concord Elementary School which has a large population of children from low income families. She realizes that she needs to establish closer relationships with the parents of her students to establish a high-quality school. All of the following have been shown to assist in improving parent-school relationships, EXCEPT:
regularly scheduled 2:00 PM meetings to make it easier for parents to attend
Hall and Hord describe three facilitator styles for principals. They include all of the following, EXCEPT:
Megan Waterson is preparing her resume for the position f principal at Shallow Lake Elementary School. She includes the following statement in her letter of application. "I have a clear vision of the future of Shallow Lake Elementary and I care passionately about its place in the community. We must focus on the success of students - inside the classroom and in co-curricular activities. We must serve a leadership role in the community and must fully engage our parents and district leaders." This statement identifies Megan clearly as which of the following style of facilitator?
Taylor Hall is preparing his resume for the position of principal and Roseland Elementary School. He includes the following statement in his letter of application. "I have a healthy respect for the teachers at Roseland and feel that they have a solid understanding of their role in the school and its future. I know that there are numerous leaders among the staff who are more than willing and able to manage their classrooms and inspire their students to achieve their true potentials. My door will always be open to assist the staff members in their professional and personal pursuits." This statement identifies Taylor clearly as which of the following style of facilitator?
Chung Lee, the principal of Leaside High School, is interviewing candidates for teaching positions at his school. He asks the following question as part of an interview, "Please describe for me how you would organize a unit on the Civil War and its ramifications?" This type of question is a clear indication that Chung subscribes to which of the following facilitator styles?
Which of the following principals is most likely to succeed in leading the staff through a major change in a school that has been struggling?
Principal D calls on her contacts in the district to provide resources, supplies, and budget increases she feels are needed
To be considered a high-quality teacher, educators today must place more emphasis on
gathering data to prove students are achieving
As a beginning teacher who will be affected by the increased focus on student achievement results, you should plan to collect data in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
aptitude assesments
Willow Flaherty is a teacher at Sylvan Glen Middle School. She is an active member of an environmental group that it is part of her duty as a responsible citizen to reduce the effects of global warming. One of her students, Dave Bussiere, wants to research and write a paper on the topic, "Global Warming - A Cruel Hoax." Willow refuses to allow him to do so because she says that there are no reasonable or credible arguments to back up his premise. Which of the following statements best outlines the stand taken by the NEA Code of Ethics with respect to Willow's actions?
The educator shall not unreasonably deny the student's access to varying points of view
teacher candidate should possess pedagogical knowledge in all of the following areas, ECXEPT:
knowing subject area content
Teachers with pedagogical content knowledge
understand the knowledge students possess and how to build on it
Juan Sanfilippo is a teacher at Los Alamos High School. The school district has announced that major changes will occur as the school is converted to school-within-a-school structure. Juan is anxious about the new structure and has requested a detailed outline of what it will look like, how he is expected to function within it, and whether he will be able to adapt. Juan is expressing what type of concern about change?
Dranadia Roc is a teacher at Bois Blanc Junior High School. The school district has announced that major changes will occur as the school is to be converted into a middle school with the philosophical differences that are required. Dranadia is concerned about whether the change will benefit her students, whether they will succeed in learning, and what she can do along with her colleagues to maximize the benefits of such a change. Dranadia is expressing what type of concern about change?
Research has shown that concerns about the change process tend to occur in the following order as the change process occurs.
unconcerned, self, task, impact
Teachers participating in new teacher orientation sessions can expect to learn about all of the following, EXCEPT:
how and when pay is issued
As a new teacher about to begin his career in a school district over a thousand miles from home, Alex Harrison knows that he can expect the district to provide all of the following assistance in his new school, EXCEPT:
a union representative to assist with contract issues
Teachers in today's schools can rely on the assistance of support personnel in all of the following areas EXCEPT:
getting to know the students as individuals
Teachers' organizations and unions can be effective at the state level in
influencing policies, laws, and regulations
The largest teacher union in existence in the United States today is the
Many states require teacher education programs to be accredited through the national organization known as
The American Federation of Teachers is
an affiliate of the AFL-CIO
During election campaigns, the AFT and NEA tend to
support candidates sympathetic to education and teacher issues
Phi Delta Kappa International is an organization that primarily serves
all educators
State licensure for teachers best represents
the beginning of a lifetime of professional growth