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The dynamic organization within the individual of those psycho-physical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought

Allport Argues That

We possess the positive innate potential to outgrow our self-centered beginnings.

Drive Reduction

Not an important cause of adult behavior

Motives of children and adults

Differ significantly in kind, rather than merely in degree

Adult motives are relatively

Independent of biological drives, differ from individual to individual, and often maintain or even increase levels of tension in order to achieve relatively distant goals.

Common Traits

Those aspects if personality in respect to which most people within a given culture can be profitably compared.

Functional Autonomy

Adult motives differ from their childhood counterparts

Personal Disposition

Determines each person's unique style or behavior


The unifying core of personality; organized around those matters that are more personal and important.


A unifying philosophy that gives meaning to one's life.

The Sense of Bodily Self

Distinguishes between self and others

The Sense of Continuing Self-Identity

A feeling of inner sameness and continuity as an important aspect of personality

The Self-Esteem

The need to express autonomy; ego-enhancement

The Self Extension

The developing concept of "mine"

The Self Image

Good me - Bad me

The Self as a Rational Coper

The proprium to relate inner needs to outer reality,

Propriate Striving

Form the intentions and goals that give purpose to one's life

The Self as Knower

Observes other seven functions and the conscious aspects of personality.

Moral sense

Is not innate. Child introjects parental standards of right and wrong

Theoretical Value

Intellectual desire to discover the truth and organize one's knowledge

Economic Value

A businesslike concern with the useful and practical

Esthetic Value

An emphasis on the enjoyment of form, beauty, and the artistic

Social Value

A concern for and love of other people

Political Value

A love of power

Religious Value

A mystical desire for unity with some higher reality


Important during the third decade of life and fortifies us against anxiety and despair


Internal hroups are superior and desirable and external groups are inferior and hateful

Personality Test Measurement

A Study of Values - A S Reaction Study

Letters from Jenny

Shows how quantitative psychological research can be conducted with a single case

Cardinal Personal Dispositions

Influence most behavior; cannot be hidden from others; the most general

Central Personal Dispositions

People have 5 - 10 characteristics which their lives revolve around

Secondary Personal Dispositions

Less influential; personal likes and preferences; a great number

Criteria for Maturity

Unifying philosophy; self extension; compassionate and loving relationships; emotional security and self acceptance; realistic orientation; accurate self insight

Healthy Individuals

Primarily conscious and functionally autonomous

Unhealthy Individuals

Neurotic of Psychotic

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